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CCAD Art Fair

Saturday, April 5

Loann Crane Center for Design

9 a.m. First Choice admission ($50)
10 a.m. General admission ($5)
2 p.m. Sale ends

Don’t miss the CCAD Art Fair—a semi-annual juried showcase of works by more than 100 CCAD students, faculty, and alumni. Admissions fund student scholarships, and sales proceeds go directly to the artists.

This event is THE place to find a wide range of art and design work from both the up-and-coming and the tried-and-true. If you've never been, come see what you are missing; if you have, then spread the word by sharing this with a friend.

Check out our Art Fair Artists Album on Facebook to see who is selling what and find price ranges.

First Choice admission of $50 gives the CCAD Scholarship Fund a boost and gets you in early at 9 a.m.—or you can wait til after 10 a.m. and pay only $5. All admissions are taken at the door.


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