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Past Exhibitions

Columbus College of Art & Design’s Canzani Center Gallery hosts curated exhibitions as well as exhibitions that showcase the work of the college. 

Presented in the Canzani Center Gallery









  • 2006 Biennial Faculty Exhibition, Sept. 29–Dec. 10
  • 127th Annual Student Exhibition, May 12–Sept. 3
  • Bling: Sampling Hip Hop Fashion and the Urban Aesthetic, Jan. 20–March 19


  • Wheelz: The Art and Design of the Customized Ride, Oct. 1–Dec. 11
  • 126th Annual Student Exhibition, May 13–Aug. 20
  • Robert Rauschenberg, Artist-Citizen Posters for a Better World,
    Feb. 25–April 16,
  • The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were, Feb. 25–April 3


  • 2004 Faculty Biennial Exhibition, Oct. 1–Dec. 4
  • 125th Annual Student Exhibition, May 14–Sept. 11
  • Around the World and Back: 125th Anniversary Alumni Invitational,
    March 5–April 17


  • 21st Century Ceramics in the United States and Canada, Oct. 11–Dec. 7
  • 124th Annual Student Exhibition May 9–Sept. 5
  • *Away from Home (a Wexner Center for the Arts exhibition), Feb. 1–April 20
  • *Tupperware Party: Past, Present, Future (Acock Gallery) Feb. 1–March 21


  • *Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts, Projects, Buildings
    (a Columbus Museum of Art exhibition), Aug. 30–Nov. 24
  • *ANIME: From Pokemon to Apocalypse (Acock Gallery), Aug. 30–Oct. 12
  • 123rd Annual Student Exhibition, May 10–Aug. 30
  • Edmund Kuehn Retrospective, March 1–April 23


  • CCAD Faculty Biennial Exhibition, Oct. 5–Dec. 8
  • 122nd Annual Student Exhibition, May 11–Aug. 30
  • Reverent Writings: Scribed Cultural Journals, March 2–April 24

Off-site Programming

Descent to Revolution, Sept. 10–Nov. 24, 2009

To Whom Do You Beautifully Belong?, May 1, 2008–April 30, 2009

Dewey Decimal Days, Oct. 14–18, 2008

*In fall 2002 and winter 2003 CCAD played host to the Columbus Museum of Art and Wexner Center for the Arts. The Canzani Center Gallery served as additional space for CMA's Museums for a New Millennium and housed the Wexner Center's Away from Home exhibition while its gallery was under renovation. During this time the Acock Gallery space was used for CCAD’s curated exhibitions.

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