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Future Students & Parents

Creative Portfolio Development

portfolio 101
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What It Is

Your creative portfolio should be just that: creative.

A traditional collection of drawings and other 2D artwork is wonderful—but you can also show us other sides of yourself that will contribute to your potential as an artist or designer.

Your science project on portable water filtration systems or your computer programming assignment to solve complex equations could be just as valuable as the photos you took in art class.

How Do I Decide?

When you’re thinking about what to include, ask yourself:

  • What am I most passionate about?
  • What is my best work?
  • What defines me as a creative individual?

CCAD has no specific requirement for the number of pieces you include. Just show us your best and keep the quality consistent. Less can definitely be more.

Still unsure? We’re always happy to review your creative portfolio and give you feedback before you make your final submission.

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Tips & Resources

1) Know Your Deadlines

Go to the Admissions Calendar.

2) Get Advice

Download our Getting Portfolio Advice PDF for ideas on how you can get input on and help with your portfolio.

3) Consider Doing Projects Outside of Class

Download our Portfolio Project Ideas PDF for a creative jumpstart or to find projects that may not be covered in your art class, but will give your portfolio more variety.

4) Select Your Work

5) Photograph/Document Your Work

Download our Documenting Your Work PDF for tips and instructions.

6) Submit Your Work

For admission to CCAD you must complete our online application via SlideRoom. Learn more on our How to Apply page.

7) Make Sure Digital Submissions are in the Correct Format

When submitting images it is important to resize them. Below find some sample instructions on resizing images in different photo editing programs.

For more information on developing a portfolio or to request a catalog please contact us.

Admissions Contact: 
I admissions@ccad.edu l 614.222.3261 I toll free 877.997.CCAD (2223)

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