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Future Students & Parents

Evidence of Creativity

What is it?


Evidence of Creativity could be lots of things you normally think of when you think of artists and designers, but it can also include things you don’t think of! Maybe you have photos and videos you’ve taken with your smart phone, or some drawings and paintings you’ve done? But did you know we also like to know about the cool science project you’ve worked on, maybe a car you’ve rebuilt, the blog you manage, or even some examples of short stories and poetry you’ve written? We do!

In fact, we like to see anything that shows how you think or how you like to solve problems – that’s what artists and designers do! You can submit any type of work, regardless of what major you’re interested in pursuing, as long as it demonstrates some alignment between your interests and our majors at CCAD and, specifically, your potential for success as a student here. So, think about what you want to show us, and make it look good..

Evidence of Creativity Guidelines:

When you’re thinking about what to include, ask yourself:

  • What am I most passionate about?
  • What is my best work?
  • What defines me as a creative individual?

CCAD has no specific requirement for the number of pieces you include. Just show us your best and keep the quality consistent. Less can definitely be more.

For digital or time-based media: Got technology? Know how to use it? Get busy! Show us your skills and aesthetic awareness with the smart and creative use of digital tools. Don’t forget to pay attention to composition, storytelling and the technical presentation – it should provoke a solid thumbs up!

For fiction or non-fiction writing: Got a story? Got a way with words? Let ‘em flow! We like both fiction or non-fiction writing samples, such as research papers, short stories, dramatic writing, poetry or other forms of creative writing. Don’t forget to pay attention to citation, grammar, etc. – give us your best!

For traditional visual arts or design: Of course, we also like traditional two-dimensional work like drawings, paintings, prints, collage and photography; or three-dimensional work like sculpture, jewelry, fibers, fashion, or even furniture. Don’t forget that we want your own original work – that means don’t simply copy someone else’s work!

For the non-traditional makers: We want to see how you learn, create and problem-solve. Many different projects would fit for non-traditional makers; like the FIRST Robotics project you worked on, the car you’ve rebuilt or the iPhone wallet holder you created. You may upload up images or a video about your project.

Regardless of what you submit, we value originality of concept, use of appropriate materials and your ideas! So gather your “Evidence of Creativity” and get ready to submit it using CCAD’s SlideRoom application portal – you can find it through our online application.

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Tips & Resources

1) Know Your Deadlines

Go to the Admissions Calendar.

2) Get Advice

3) Consider Doing Projects Outside of Class

4) Select Your Work

5) Photograph/Document Your Work

Download our Documenting Your Work PDF for tips and instructions.

6) Submit Your Work

For admission to CCAD you must complete our online application via SlideRoom. Learn more on our How to Apply page.

7) Make Sure Digital Submissions are in the Correct Format

When submitting images it is important to resize them. Below find some sample instructions on resizing images in different photo editing programs.

For more information on developing a portfolio or to request a catalog please contact us.

Admissions Contact: 
I admissions@ccad.edu l 614.222.3261 I toll free 877.997.CCAD (2223)

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