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Transfer Students

Creativity, imagination, innovation and building the best in the creative class is what Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) strives for every day. Transferring to CCAD means you'll finish your college experience earning more than a degree; it's about starting the journey of a lifetime. Browse our transfer student brochure (mobile device friendly) then consider attending one of our events.

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Transfer Students FAQ

Q Is CCAD's academic calendar based on semesters or quarters?
A Semesters.
Q Does CCAD accept advanced-placement (AP) credit?
A In Art, a score of 5 is given art elective credit toward a BFA degree at CCAD. In Liberal Arts, scores of 3, 4, or 5 are given required course credit, when applicable, or academic elective credit.
Q Can incoming students "test out" of any classes for college credit?
A No.
Q What are the credit-hour requirements for the BFA degree?
A A minimum of 120 semester credit hours are necessary to receive the BFA degree. No more than 60 semester credit hours can be transferred due to CCAD's residency requirement.
Q How can I get an estimate of what will transfer?
A You can request a degree requirement sheet and the course description booklet from the Admissions Office. Course descriptions are also available online through the Self Service database. Compare CCAD courses to your college transcript(s) to give yourself an idea of what might transfer. To have an estimate prepared by CCAD, complete the application process by submitting your SlideRoom application, portfolio, and official transcripts from college(s) and high school if you have not yet completed a college degree.
Q What classes are considered for transfer?
A Only courses with grades of "C" or higher are considered for transfer credit. In the case of colleges that do not use letter grades or their equivalents, exceptions might be made. Only credits that can be used toward the degree in your major will be counted.
Q How do I convert quarter hours into semester hours when estimating my possible transfer credit?
A Multiply quarter hours by .67 and round down to the nearest half (e.g., a course worth five quarter hours converts to three semester hours).
Q Will I need to show artwork from college art classes to decide transfer credits?
A Yes. During orientation/registration, a dean or faculty member from your department will review artwork from your college art classes to finalize your art transfer credit. Due to the variety of content in art courses at the college level, students who have taken art at another college usually are asked to show examples of their work and supply CCAD with courses descriptions to assist in deciding transfer credit.
Q Can I have my artwork reviewed to finalize transfer credits at the same time that it is reviewed for admittance to CCAD?
A Yes. Transfer credit can be determined during the review of artwork for admittance. If we have received your most recent college transcripts and determined that you may be considered for advance academic standing, in a studio class, your portfolio will be submitted for review to the respective academic department. No further steps will be required of you unless contacted by a representative of an academic department.

Admissions Contact: email I admissions AT ccad DOT edu l 614.222.3261 I toll free 877.997.CCAD (2223)