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  • Minimester tuition due
    Apr 25, 2014
  • Fall semester national admissions response date
    May 01, 2014
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    May 03, 2014


Future Students & Parents


Not just a guy in a suit, CCAD's President Denny Griffith (seen here in his studio) is a working artist. Click on the image above to see a gallery of his artwork.

I am continually amazed and humbled to see CCAD grow in strength, quality, reach and reputation. You can see it in the impact our students, faculty, and alumni make on our culture and economy every day. You can read about it and experience it here on our website.

Here’s a snapshot of who we are:

At CCAD we believe that the ability to think and do is an art form. Students here do both, thinking conceptually, with originality. And doing, with great skill.

We call it applied creativity.

And it means our students are prepared to take their gifts out into the world with purpose and impact.

After 130 years, it’s simply in our DNA.

Our foundation year is rooted in basic, classic elements of art practice: drawing, design, and color theory. In their sophomore year, students begin to "deep dive" into their majors.

CCAD is a creative community. To us, that means creating a space where the arts, new ideas, and shifted perspectives are encouraged and explored. And that space occurs as a discussion, as a classroom, as a building, as several city blocks, and at CCAD as an entire district of downtown Columbus.

We have a responsibility. Rich, raw talent arrives here.
We mold it; shape it; encourage it. We offer it a safe place where it can grow.

We help students find the sweet spot where guts and talent intersect. But they do the rest. They have strong points of view. And they’re not afraid to share them, express them, and explore them.

We also see the world a bit differently.

We know that art and design are such important parts of the everyday. CCAD alumni are successful professionals who create the clothes we wear, the things we read, the movies we watch, the buildings we walk into, the technology we interact with, and the brands we know.

Our students ultimately influence trends. Tell stories. Shape ideas. Improve lives. Make an impact. DO GOOD.

It’s a big role and it starts here.
That’s pretty cool, huh?

Denny Griffith