Programs of Study

Discovery Club Registration

How to Register

The program fee of  $975 covers one week of on-campus residence, all meals, all supplies, and all costs related to local transportation, admission, and food for off-campus activities. 

Registration opens Nov. 1. Register and pay your deposit of $250 by May 1 to secure your place in the program.



How to Apply for a Scholarship

Discovery Club offers some need-based scholarships. Download and the scholarship application form (pdf) for submission details. The scholarship application form and one drawing must be received by CCAD's Continuing & Professional Studies office (via mail) by March15.

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Nov. 1: Online registration open for Discovery Club
  • March 15: Scholarship application deadline
  • April 15: Scholarship award notification
  • May 1: Registration and nonrefundable deposit ($250) due
  • June 2: Tuition balance ($725) due
  • June 30: Written refund request deadline
  • July 6: Move-in and mandatory orientation
  • July 6–12: Discovery Club in session
  • July 12: Reception, exhibition, and move-out


The Major Workshops

You customize your Discovery Club experience by choosing two Major Workshops—one for the morning, and one for the afternoon. Each workshop focuses on skills and techniques that relate to one of CCAD’s nine different majors.

  • Advertising and Graphic Design: Developing a Personal Brand Identity —A brand is much more than a logo. Using apps and other digital techniques, this workshop helps you create images, text, and a basic user interface design for your own brand identity—including a self-promotional website.
  • Animation: The Animation Boot Camp—This workshop teaches the tools, tricks, and basic principles of animation. You’ll study the classics, then use both hand-drawn and digital approaches to create your own short animated work.
  • Cinematic Arts: Telling Your Story on the Screen—Using the equipment and facilities standard in today’s cinema, you’ll learn the basics of film, video, and cinematic theory and criticism, and use them for your own short cinematic production.
  • Fashion: Fashion Deconstruction and Wearable Art—Working with all the elements of fashion design, including mood boards, croquis, rough sketches, flats, and final illustrations, this course will guide you in creation of an actual garment from both reconstructed and new materials.
  • Fine Arts: The Fine Arts Studio Workshop—Using themes like identity, fantasy, and protest—and media including ceramics, jewelry, printmaking, drawing, painting, and sculpture—this workshop delves into the role of the contemporary fine artist in shaping culture and making a statement.
  • Illustration: The Character Designer’s World—Character designers bring concepts from their imaginations to life. In this workshop, you’ll develop characters in character model sheets that could be used for animations, games, or even physical products like toys.
  • Industrial Design: Discovering the Design Around You—Everything you use every day is designed by industrial and product designers. In this workshop, you’ll learn the design process, from research to model—and create your own concept for an everyday product.
  • Interior Design: Working with Space, Light, Surface, and Form—More than just decoration, interior design solutions are artistic and functional, too. Create an interior of your own by learning how to develop a concept with sketches, color, drawings, and a final presentation board.
  • Photography: Working in a Digital World—In today’s digital world, a lot of what makes an image memorable happens after the shot is taken. This workshop will teach you to use digital cameras alongside other digital tools to shoot, enhance, and share your images with others.

Leisure Time and Evening Events

Group activities, including fun off-campus trips, round out the Discovery Club program.

Continuing & Professional Studies Contact: email | continuinged AT ccad DOT edu | 614.222.3248