Programs of Study

Foundation Studies

At CCAD, everything starts with the freshman year in Foundation Studies—when students work to polish the fundamental competencies needed by all successful creative professionals. It takes basic skills to a whole new level. Courses build on one another to develop versatile aesthetic understanding, technical proficiency, broad problem-solving ability, and awareness of our culture and times (as well as those of others). In the second semester, students start to pursue a major of their choice. The overall goal is to provide students with a firm base of skills and a clearer idea of where they want to go next in their studies.

All student focus on the following Foundation Studies requirements

  • Design
  • Drawing 1 & 2
  • Painting and Color Theory
  • Writing and the Arts
  • Art, Design, and Culture 1 & 2
  • Self-Directed Learning: (Freshman Seminar, Online Computer Lessons, Tool Certification)