Programs of Study


Fine Arts courses take place in three buildings on the CCAD campus. Battelle Hall is devoted entirely to sculpture and jewelry. Kinney Hall houses ceramics and printmaking and the glass lab. The Amelita Mirolo Fine Arts Building is devoted entirely to drawing and painting. There are four galleries used exclusively for student exhibitions. Semi-private studios are available to advanced students and are adjacent to the sculpture, ceramics, and drawing and painting classrooms. Digital equipment is available to all faculty in all facilities. A well-equipped slide shooting/digital documentation studio is available to students and faculty.


Common use equipment include two pug mills (one de-airing), two bluebird mixers, extruders, slip tank, three ton Ram press, and a slab roller. Kilns include five one-cubic foot electric test kilns, 10 full-size electric kilns, gas test kiln, cantenary arch kiln, Bailey shuttle kiln, gas downdraft kiln, two raku kilns, and a salt kiln.

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Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting studios are located in the Amelita Mirolo Fine Arts Building, a renovated four-story industrial building designated for the Division of Fine Arts. The building contains two painting studios of about 1,800 square feet each (40’ x 45’) with 11’ ceiling and four drawing studios of about 1,800 square feet each (40’ x 45’) with 11’ ceiling. Most studios have large windows facing north for best natural lighting. Two or more rolls of overhead track lights with bounced and defused lighting optimize painting conditions. Twenty nine individual studios of about 120 square feet each (10’ x 12’ x 11’ ceiling) are located on the ground floor for Fine Arts seniors who are taking senior thesis classes and choose to work on campus.

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The hot glass facility is adjacent to the ceramic studios in Kinney Hall and includes the following: 450-lb. clear tank; 100-lb. color tank; two 18"h x 36"w x 24"d front loading annealers; one 20"h x 36"w x 24"d top loading annealer; two 17"w x 32"d self lighting glory holes with ribbon burners; pipe warmer garage combo; color annealer; Jim Moore tools; and Steinart pipes & punties.

The cold shop includes two diamond laps; two wet belts; diamond punty grinder; diamond bandsaw; 24" felt wheel polisher; air drive dremels; and a wet table. The kiln casting includes two 12"h x 36"w x 24"d front loading fusing and slumping annealers and three 24"h x 36"w x 24"d top loading casting annealers. There is a separate facility for glass cutting, mold prep and assembly. We supply bullseye compatible for the casting class.

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The jewelry studio consists of 20 individual benches with each student using his/her own set of hand tools. The studio is in Battelle Hall and has access to sculpture tools (shears, breaks, drill presses, wet sanders, saws, etc.). In addition, the studio houses its own tools which consist of forming/raising equipment, a hydraulic press, rolling mill, casting equipment (for both centrifuge and vacuum casting), mold making equipment and wax injector, polishing and sandblasting machines, and shared common hand tools (stone setting equipment, shears, etc.). Advanced students have the option of an individual studio space within the sculpture department. All programs of Dimensional Studies share a fully-equipped photo studio for photographing artwork and creating image-based presentations.

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The lithography lab includes three Charles Brand presses measuring 24” x 40”, 30” x 50”, and 36” x 52” and 120 stones in various sizes from 7” x 10” to 25 ½” x 37”.
The intaglio lab includes two presses measuring 36’’ x 60” and 47” x 96” and a paper soaking sink measuring 26” x 6’.

The serigraphy (silkscreen) lab includes eight tables measuring 3’ x 4’ for large prints measuring 4’ x 8’; a spray booth measuring 6’ x 5’ with power washer; and class screens-frame size measuring 27” x 39”.

The relief lab includes three presses each measuring 30” x 50”; photo-mechanics; NuArc Mercury 40-1K light exposure unit, 42” x 32”; 42” wide large format printer and transparency film; and a computer with digital scanner.

The papermaking lab includes five water vats; three drying cabinets; a 21’ x 20’ beater room; a Hollander beater for western style papermaking; a Twin Rocker hydraulic press measuring 24” x 33” (largest paper mould 24” x 31”); and a Santa Anna electric paper dryer measuring 36” x 38”.

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The sculpture lab is exceptionally well equipped and features a fully-equipped woodshop, bronze foundry, plaster mold lab, stone grinding room, plastics room, large burn out kiln, stone polishing table, and a complete metal working lab that features all standard metal fabrication and welding equipment. All advance students are offered individual studio space.

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