Programs of Study

Photography Facilities

The department has an 1,800 sq. ft. studio with 18 ft. ceiling. This facility houses extensive studio lighting equipment, a variety of digital cameras, as well as assorted studio props and equipment.

There are multiple darkrooms and traditional photography lab space. Including, one gang black & white darkroom with 24 individual enlargers, two private darkrooms, and dedicated facilities for non-silver processes.


The digital photographic facilities are also extensive with 1,688 sq. ft. of computer lab space and 42 workstations dedicated to still photography. In addition to the workstations the department has an extensive collection of printers and scanners.

The department uses a variety of imaging applications in its digital program. Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, AfterEfects, Final Cut Pro, Flash, along with a selection of proprietary print and scanning applications are available to students.

Within the department there is a 529 sq. ft. gallery and 180 ft. of running wall space available for exhibitions, with much more available throughout the campus.

Because the department also is part of a larger division that includes animation, video, and interactive design, students have access to extensive facilities and digital assets to expand their work into related media. This kind of exploration is encouraged and supported by the faculty and curriculum.