Programs of Study

MFA Curriculum

Artists working with traditional studio practices, as well as installation and digital- and time-based media, participate together in a two-year, 60-hour curriculum that emphasizes the artist’s public as well as private creative roles.

Each semester, MFA students work with selected CCAD faculty to propose, develop, and execute individual projects. Project proposals that utilize or are based in painting, drawing, photography, animation, sculpture, video, interactive design, printmaking, illustration, installation, glass, ceramics, and design can be facilitated.

In addition to working with individual faculty on semester projects, students meet weekly in the Graduate Seminar for group critique with faculty and peers. The curriculum includes a required Theory & Criticism Seminar and also one-semester classes in professional practices and in the use of digital media for pedagogy and career development.

Each student works with an off-campus mentor or participates in a practicum experience. The curriculum concludes with a thesis project, written thesis paper, and oral defense.

The program fosters a community environment with limited class sizes (9–15 new students a year). Although the program is not media-specific, students are expected to maintain a high level of craft in the media they choose to use.

Certificate of College Art Instruction

This internal certificate program recognizes successful completion of designated course work and a series of teaching internships focused on the teaching of studio art at a post-secondary level. This is an elective program and not required for the MFA degree.

Requirements: To earn the certificate, students must successfully complete the teaching methods class and two teaching internships.

Upon completion, students will receive the certificate at graduation and official note of the program will be made on the student’s CCAD transcript.

For additional information, please review the MFA guidebook.

MFA Guest Artists & Scholars

As part of CCAD’s graduate program, the college brings in several guest artists and scholars per semester. These artists may teach workshops and seminars, engage in one-on-one mentoring with the MFA students, and/or lecture as part of CCAD's Visiting Artists & Scholars series, which is a lecture series that is open to the entire student body and public.

Past guest artists include:

Benjamin Anastas
Tom Burckhardt
Terri Cohn
Rebecca Cummins
Geshe la Kalsang Damdul
John Drury
Latifa Echakhch
Angela Ellsworth
Brian Ewing
Fritz Haeg

Eleanor Heartney
Matthew Higgs
Byron Kim
Nicola López
Colleen Macklin
Tony Matelli
Michael Mercil
Jason Middlebrook
Donald Moffett
Odili Odita

Kaz Oshiro
J. Morgan Puett
Aurora Robson
Alexis Rockman
Jon Rubin
Stefan Sagmeister
Todd Slaughter
Chris Hanson &
Hendrika Sonnenberg

Chris Ware

Past visiting artists include:

Leonardo Drew
Toby Mott & Vivian Goldman
Gary Panter
Jeff Smith
Martha Colburn
Claire Ashley
Kathy Butterly
Joe Fyfe
John Yau (Art Critic and Writer)
Cheryl Donegan
Miranda July
Natasha Trethewey (Poet Laureate)
Holland Cotter (Art Critic)
Martin Kersels
Carrie Moyer
Ian Berry (Curator)
Micah White
Malcolm Cochran
Cara Lee Wade
Felipe Castelblanco Olaya

Mike Womack

Ofer Wolberger

Boru O'Brien O'Connell

MFA Off-Campus Experience

During students' studies, they will be required to participate in an off-campus experience. Options include individual mentoring with an artist or professional, foreign study, or an internship with a nonprofit or business. Check out the list below for examples of recent artists and organizations that have provided off-campus experiences.


  • Graduate Program Admissions Officer:
    email | mfa AT ccad DOT edu l 614.222.3249
  • Assistant Director of the Graduate Program:
    | mfa AT ccad DOT edu l 614.222.4020
  • Director of the Graduate Program:
    email | mfa AT ccad DOT edu l 614.222.3227 

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