2017 CCAD Fashion Show Designers

Madeline Burgess

Hometown: Ashland, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Edgy. Fashion-forward. Moody.

Inspiration for Madeline Burgess’ collection struck her as she was watching the BBC series Planet Earth. She was moved by birds-of-paradise and their fantastic colors. So she set out to create a collection featuring bold hues and natural fibers like silk and angora. Burgess also values sustainability and prefers to use fabrics that will decompose over time.

Jasmine Burton

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Beaded. Sophisticated. Elegance.

When Jasmine Burton was a little girl, she would knit outfits for her Barbies. Now, as a fashion designer at CCAD, Burton is making pantsuits inspired by the gowns on the red carpet. Using blacks, whites, and creams and plenty of hand beading and appliques, Burton has crafted posh pantsuits that bring a welcome update to old Hollywood glam.

Isaac Cohn

Hometown: Urbana, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Elegant. Fun. Timeless.

When most teenagers are thinking about getting their driver’s license, Isaac Cohn was opening a booth at an antique mall with a friend. He would head to estate sales to buy his wares, discovering lasting fashions from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s in the process. Now, as a fashion designer, he wants to create looks that stand the test of time and reflect the quality of materials and craftsmanship of vintage clothes. Such investment pieces are part of his collection of menswear looks, made from Italian suiting, denim, and handmade knitwear in black, ivory and denim, that play with textures, transparencies, and layers.

Courtney Crawford

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Outdoorsy. Feminine. Kitschy.

Inspired by family vacations to the Smoky Mountains, Courtney Crawford created a collection mixing rugged Carhartt-style materials and more feminine details. With a color pallette that she describes as earthy but also not, the pieces pay homage to the great outdoors, from the mountains to flowers.

Olive Fuinardy

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Collection in 3 words: Origami. Sophisticated. Fun.

Olive Fuinardy delights in the process of bringing a two-dimensional sketch to three-dimensional life. Her senior collection, Heritage, inspired by origami and batik, has challenged that passion. The bodice on one dress, for example, is a single piece of fabric cut and folded according to a fan-shaped pattern that reads like a geometry illustration on paper. Though the inspirations for the collection are centuries-old art forms (and she brought back some of the fabrics from a trip home to Jakarta), the pieces are cut in fresh, modern silhouettes that take her woman from day to night.

Gabby Giglio

 Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Collection in 3 words: Fun. Fantasy. Curious.

Before Gabby Giglio came to Columbus to study Fashion Design at CCAD, she thought designers mostly to the coasts in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Giglio quickly learned that Columbus is a fashion hotbed, so now the Pittsburgh native wants to stay here after she graduates in May. Her collection of women’s wear draws inspiration from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, using the colors and stories from the narrative to drive her looks.

Sarah Marie Gillespie

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Functional. Sporty. Printed.

Sarah Marie Gillespie has been riding dirt bikes since she was 5 years old. So she’s had a long time to think about the tension between form and function for the specialized activewear worn by motocross athletes. The components in Gillespie’s collection are crafted from fabrics that are made to stretch, breathe, hug and fit in exactly the right places and ways. Each garment is crafted using multiple fabric types — an opportunity Gillespie took to create a fresh aesthetic for the motocross wardrobe, which she thought could use a reboot. Looks weren’t enough for Gillespie: She informed her design with plentiful research into injuries, safety and the demographics of the motocross market.

Yeon Joo Kim

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Collection in 3 words: Timeless. Simple. Flowy

Onggi, traditional Korean fermentation jars, were an essential part of Yeon Joo Kim’s childhood in Seoul. To Yeon Joo Kim, these jars are beautiful, yet ubiquitous. Exceptional, yet everyday. They have inspired the dresses and coats in her womenswear collection, crafted from soft, familiar fabrics like cotton, organza and wool. These pieces seem traditional and contemporary at the same time, just like the jars that are planted so firmly in June’s memory.

Mingyu Li

Hometown: Qingdao, China

Collection in 3 words: Unique. Cultural. Handmade.

Mingyu Li earned an undergraduate degree in costume design in Beijing before coming to Columbus to study in CCAD’s MFA program. Now, she has created a collection inspired by the traditional garments worn by the Naxi people in southern China, using handmade fabric she brought back from a trip to that part of China.

Mikayla Liang

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Collection in 3 words: Menswear. Artistic. Everyday.

A dystopian future — and the unspoiled beauty of a lotus — inspire the collection of MFA candidate Mikayla Liang, who has created a menswear collection featuring waterproof, breathable, soft, comfortable, and functional fabrics. The lotus, also known as Ren, also makes an appearance in Liang’s collection through an intricate paper-fold technique that makes garment mimic the flower’s shape and provides a powerful metaphor: The lotus grows in the mud, yet remains unstained; a reminder to viewers to think about how they can keep themselves unspotted by the world.

Jenny Moon

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Collection in 3 words: Delicate. Elegant. Feminine.

Femininity is at the heart of the eveningwear collection from Jenny Moon, which features materials such as lace and organza. Moon is also inspired by the delicate textures and hues of flower petals, as well as their shape — her dresses include individually attached “petals” that add to their volume. Moon loves seeing her work take shape and has appreciated the opportunity to learn different techniques, such as pattern-making, draping, and illustrating, since beginning her education at CCAD.

Sheldyn Nicholson

Hometown: North Canton, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Geometric. Sexy. Simple.

The clean lines and geometric shapes of African masks are the inspiration behind Sheldyn Nicholson’s collection, which uses a pared down color palette of black and gold, mostly in form fitting ponte knit, to make a big impact. Nicholson is a world traveler; she picked up some of the masks that inspire her work while in France; she’s interned in Italy, will travel to Indonesia this summer after graduation, and would like to work abroad. Nicholson, who started at CCAD as a Fine Arts student, appreciates her major’s small class size, which provides individualized attention from instructors.

Alyssa Odenweller

Hometown: Kalida, Ohio

Collection in 3 words: Sophisticated. Textured. Fun.

Alyssa Odenweller likes a good challenge — and has one in her collection, which features complex seaming and hand-felted and hand-dyed organza, plus materials such as silk and brocade. Odenweller, who would like to pursue a career in technical design post graduation (she has a particular interest in garment construction), has created an eveningwear collection inspired by the texture and color of minerals, which manage to have both organic and geometric properties. Odenweller came to CCAD after visiting her aunt, Alana Odenweller (Fine Arts, 2006) here, and she appreciates the small classroom size and variety of projects she’s found at the college.  

Phil Panza

Hometown: New York, NY

Collection in 3 words: Cool. Calm. Clean.

Phil Panza has hand-drawn his signature doodle — a street art-inspired face with exaggerated features — on the lining of a sleek wool coat for his menswear collection. This intersection is the perfect sum-up of the aesthetic he’s expressing with these pieces: Streetwear elevated to polish and panache, inspired by skateboarding, snowboarding and the vibe of New York City. He chose CCAD because the program’s diverse offerings impressed him (he’s loved exploring watercolor and glassblowing in addition to fashion design) — and he can snowboard in his free time at Mad River Mountain.

Soo Ji Park

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Collection in 3 words: Confident. Polished. Comfortable.

The woman Soo Ji Park is dressing with her senior collection means business. Inspired by sophisticated, powerful, urban women (and Stella McCartney, a favorite designer), Park is creating separates in charmeuse, wool and faux fur. A soft blouse and a fluffy collar contrast with sharp pleats and confident lines. New York is her ultimate destination, but until then, she hopes to work in fashion design in Columbus.

Kennesha White

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Collection in 3 Words: Sassy. Sophisticated. Modest.

Born and raised in Columbus, Kennesha White came to CCAD to study fashion, which was a big part of her family background and upbringing. Her collection is called Modern-day Modesty and is inspired by women who wear hijabs. Her collection includes a mix of men’s and women’s wear, including knits, wools and everyday suiting fabrics. 

Emily Van Eeuwen

Hometown: Morris Plains, New Jersey

Collection in 3 words: Dark. Feminine. Dramatic.

By day, in addition to her studies at CCAD, Emily Van Eeuwen is an intern in design at lingerie retailer La Senza. Her senior collection, though, is inspired more by after-work pursuits like the Showtime drama Penny Dreadful and its lead actor, Eva Green. The collection evokes the mid-to-late 19th century, a time of progress and industrialization but also of darkness, that fascinates Van Eeuwen. Not surprising, maybe, that she started making clothes when she was a kid — for her history-inspired American Girl dolls.

Ya Chu Yang

Hometown: Taiwan

Collection in 3 words: Romantic. Shiny. Interesting.

Before she was a Fashion Design student at CCAD, Ya Chu Yang worked as a game designer. Now, she is creating a beautiful new collection of women’s wear inspired by a dream about fish swimming in water. In her collection, she uses silks and beading to mirror the shiny nature of fish.