2018 Fashion Show Designers

On Friday, May 11, the 2018 CCAD Fashion Show will feature top looks from student designers — from adaptive children's wear for differently abled kids to unisex clothes inspired by insects. Read on to learn more about the student designers. 

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Portrait of Diane O. Brown

Diane O. Brown

Hometown: Pocahontas, Virginia

Collection in three words: Sophisticated. Queenly. Colorful.

Diane O. Brown retired from her career as a project coordinator in 2013, but there was no stopping this lifelong creative entrepreneur who made jewelry, greeting cards, games, and clothing outside of work. As she says, “A dream never goes away.” Her collection, titled Global Expression, takes its inspiration from 1800s embroidery designs, Africa, and nature. Vibrant tribal prints in purple, olive, and cream comprise each garment, and the collection features an accessory she has never made before: a Gele head wrap.

Portrait of Lindsay Casimir

Lindsay Casimir

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Collection in three words: Activewear. Neon. Performance.

While taking a continuing education class at CCAD, Lindsay Casimir knew pretty quickly she wanted to go back to school to study Fashion Design. Though working in cancer research at The James, she did have a fashion background, having studied fashion merchandising at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her collection, titled The Sweat Life, is a mix of knit, mesh, plastic, and moisture-wicking activewear in punchy 80s-influenced colors, all inspired by her drive to help women feel confident in the gym and out.

Portrait of Mabel Castellar

Mabel Castellar

Hometown: Barranquilla, Colombia

Collection in three words: Fresh. Colorful. Playful.

All the fabrics in her collection, titled Candy Pockets, were designed and digitally printed by Mabel Castellar. The prints and styles originate from her time as a teacher. She was inspired by her young students’ crayon drawings and love of bright candy treats, as well as her wish to make them all feel loved and accepted. A similar feeling drove her to become a fashion designer.

Portrait of Hsunyin Chang

Hsunyin Chang

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

Collection in three words: Funny. Cool. Unisex.

Hsunyin Chang’s stylish mother inspired her love of fashion and also taught her to think about fashion beyond gender — encouraging her to try menswear and other androgynous styles. That influence is a big part of her collection, titled Insects, so named because many insects have stems, markings, or shapes that are the same in both females and males, making them virtually indistinguishable. Chang illustrated and printed the insect patterns used in her unisex garments’ purple, deep blue, black, and yellow fabrics.

Portrait of Chelsea Funk

Chelsea Funk

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Collection in three words: Fun. Funky. Fabulous.

Chelsea Funk’s collection of garments designed for differently abled children was motivated by her passion to make fashion more inclusive. Titled Teddy Bear Picnic, the collection features garments that make fashion fun as well as functional for the needs of children living with conditions such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. This mission holds a personal importance to Funk, as she was born with amniotic band syndrome and has only one arm. She wants to prove to these children — and the industry — that everyone can, and should, enjoy picking out what they’ll wear today. Plus: There’s neon pink fur.

Portrait of Kathryn Geraci

Kathryn Geraci

Hometown: Twinsburg, Ohio

Collection in three words: Nature. Wanderlust. Reminiscent.

Each garment in Kathryn Geraci’s memory-laced collection, titled Posy, represents a place she has visited and the journals she created during her travels. She handmade each print with watercolors, and the silhouettes harken to the natural environment of the different cities. Amsterdam, for example, is represented by a bicycle-friendly look printed with illustrated boughs of willow trees that line the city’s canals. Northern Sicily is evoked in a look inspired by photos of lemon pressing there  — where her family is from — a fitting tribute, as her grandmother taught her to sew as a child.

Portrait of Sydney Hulett

Sydney Hulett

Hometown: Westerville, Ohio

Collection in three words: Structure. Experimental. Avant-garde.

Sydney Hulett’s collection is inspired by the combination of structure and movement. She combined structured harnesses and corsetry with soft silks and sheer organza. The avant garde line, designed for Fall/Winter 2018 and titled Structured Movement, is also inspired by natural disasters, with a particular focus on oil spills. The all-black garments allude to the heaviness of such disasters and, by mixing different textures and shines, evoke the colorful iridescence of an oil spill. The fabrics in this collection are all from designers like Givenchy, Celine, and Louis Vuitton. She included surface design elements by adhering foil in the form of an oil spill on the bottom of certain garments, and designed and constructed accessories such as handbags, harnesses, chokers, and a black suede stiletto heel.


Luci McCombs-Byrne

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Collection in three words: Simple. Classic. Detailed.

Luci McCombs-Byrne started out at CCAD as a Film & Video major, but quickly switched to her true passion —  Fashion Design —  after seeing its professional opportunities. Last summer she visited London to take a tailoring class and, while there, was inspired by an exhibition of work by luxury fashion house Balenciaga. The visit abroad motivated her collection’s aesthetic, which blends sleek neutral colors — nudes, black, and burnt orange — with tactile, rich fabrics — wool, silk, denim, and velvet.


Natalia Monserrate

Hometown: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Collection in three words: Dreamy. Ethereal. Powerful.

Natalia Monserrate came to CCAD from Puerto Rico to study Fashion Design and found her niche in the world of costume design. Her collection gives the mythological Roman figure Diana the Huntress a fashionable reboot. The designs offer a modern nod to the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature by contrasting a mix of dark and light colors with exciting metal accessories, including armor and headpieces.


Erica Rodney

Hometown: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Collection in 3 words: Shift. Hidden. Darkness.

Erica Rodney is no stranger to the CCAD Fashion Show. The St. Croix native came to CCAD in 2002 to study Fashion Design. Before she completed her bachelor’s degree, however, she left to join the U.S. Marines Corps. After serving in the military, Rodney returned to CCAD and earned her BFA in 2016, the same year she debuted a collection of her work in the CCAD Fashion Show. Now, as an MFA candidate, her collection features garments made from artificial black hair used to create hair designs she calls Kanekalon.



Hometown: Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Collection in three words: Elegant. Dreamy. Youthful.

The soft pastel colors of Steffy Tjandra’s co-collection, titled Eden Eclipse, mimic the sunrise from Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia, where she grew up with her twin sister and design collaborator. Their collection’s otherworldly balance of silk organza, silk satin, and tulle with ornate embellishments and embroideries alludes to its other inspiration: the paradise found in the Garden of Eden


Stenny Tjandra

​​​​​​Hometown: Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia  

Collection in three words: Feminine. Classy. Elegant.

To begin the co-collection Eden Eclipse, Stenny Tjandra chose the soft pastel color palette and floral fabrics and sketched lush, flowing shapes for modern cocktail dresses. The garments, part of a collaboration with her twin sister, feature handsewn embellishments and draping techniques to evoke the warm sunrise over Mount Bromo and the paradise of the Garden of Eden.


Damien Tobi

Hometown: Tuckerton, New Jersey

Collection in three words: Power. Fetish. Opulence.

Damien Tobi discovered fashion through, of all things, Mission Impossible III. A dress worn by one of the characters stuck with him for years. In kind, his collection experiments with extreme silhouettes, latex construction techniques, texture, gender expression, and the power of fashion to leave a life-changing impression. Tight-lacing corsetry simmers from every look, and a velvet fabric he hand-dyed to an iridescent black and blue color adds dimensionality to the collection’s story.


Luyao Zhang

Hometown: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

Collection in three words: Architectural. Conceptual. Meticulous.

Luyao Zhang credits the fashion magazines bought with her elementary school allowance, as well as her mother and grandma’s knitting prowess, as her inspirations to pursue fashion design. Her collection, titled Pale Vanity, uses knit and macramé techniques to express the vanity of Baroque and Rococo architectures in a more modern, practical way. Each garment was designed as fragments pieced together, a freeform process that doesn’t follow traditional patternmaking and, instead, responds to itself as it builds.


Xinyue Zhang

Hometown: Beijing, China

Collection in three words: Colorful. Scientific. Lab.

Different weights of mesh fabric and unique constructions underline Xinyue Zhang’s collection, inspired by her time teaching young children and watching her niece play with a toy science experiment kit. The garments evoke colorful waves and liquids mixing together, techy details abound, and lab gloves get new life as chic neck pieces.