Contemporary Crafts major

Create objects with a purpose. 

In our Contemporary Crafts program, you’ll work in clay, glass, metal, and nontraditional materials to create highly crafted pieces that will inspire ideas for exhibition and/or mass production. You’ll dive into digital practices and learn about a variety of production techniques to make objects that impact society, economy, and culture. People will purchase, wear, use, exhibit, and write about what you do. You will graduate with studio, conceptual, and business experience, ready to enter the field of contemporary crafts as a thoughtful, skilled, and engaged maker. 

Our graduates go on to work as jewelry designers, ceramicists, glassblowers, entrepreneurs, festival artists, arts administrators, art critics, museum curators, exhibition designers, gallery directors, and gallery owners. 

Fine Arts alumni focusing on crafts accepted into graduate programs: 
Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, State University of New York at New Paltz, California State University at Long Beach, and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Peek goggles-free into the wood, jewelry, and welding studios of Battelle Hall

Launch Experience



You'll have access to:

  • Fully equipped ceramics studio, including mixers, extruders, slip tanks, slab rollers, and kilns that include gas, electric, salt, and raku 

  • Glass studio that’s equipped for hot and cold work and includes color and clear tanks, casting equipment, large annealers, lapidary wheels, and a diamond bandsaw 

  • Jewelry studio with individual benches for student use, each with a flex shaft, and a lab that includes forming and raising tools, casting equipment, rolling mills, sandblasters, and soldering stations 

  • Tool room with common hand tools for fabrication, stone setting, and mold making 


Student work



Arts administrator
Art critic

Exhibition designer
Festival artist
Gallery director
Gallery owner

Jewelry designer
Museum curator

Recent employers

California State University at Long Beach 
Ceramics Monthly
Corning Museum of Glass 
Diamond Cellar 
Fortin Ironworks

Lexington Glassworks 
Martha Sullivan Jewelry 
Megs LeVesseur Pottery 
North Carolina Glass Center 
North Coast Post

Northwest Woodworkers Gallery
Sterling Jewelers
Stockton University 
Stony Brook University 
Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion


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Credit hours

Program Requirements60
CORE Studio Requirements18
CORE Liberal Arts Requirements42

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Course information

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Associate Professor
Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts
Adjunct Instructor
Contemporary Crafts
Professor, Chair of Master of Fine Arts
Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts
Adjunct Instructor
Fine Arts, Contemporary Crafts
Chair of Fine Arts, Chair of Contemporary Crafts
Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Contemporary Crafts
Adjunct Instructor, Jewelry Studio Coordinator
Contemporary Crafts, Fine Arts
Contemporary Crafts


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