Alumna Exhibition Opening August 5

“Traveler,” Mixed media on wood panel, license plates, keys, cardboard, and encaustic, 45"X65”.

Pastiche, an exhibition by Fine Arts alumna Kate Rivers (CCAD 1978), will open August 5 at Mathews Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Consisting of collages and mixed media, Pastiche will remain open through August 31. Click here to learn more about the gallery.

“I collage fragments of these things that I collect: maps, notes, cancelled stamps, old books, children's drawings, clothing labels, love letters, buttons and pins and weave them together as a bird constructs a nest,” Rivers said on her website. “The collage elements that I use are deliberately selected from that which would have been or was thrown away, discarded or set aside. I specifically include things that are given to me and things that reflect that day or week that the piece was created.”

Learn more about Kate Rivers on her website.