Alumna Participates in International Art Fair

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Image from Danielle Julian Norton's work on "Suite42Projects: Heart Abortion Series"

Fine Arts alumna and Assistant Professor Danielle Julian Norton had work featured in Art13 London, a fair in West London dedicated to international contemporary art.

The fair showcased 129 galleries from 30 countries during the weekend event taking place Feb. 28–March 3.

Norton is represented by CYNTHIA-REEVES, a New York-based gallery. The gallery brought work to the fair from Suite42Projects: Heart Abortion Series, a collaboration between Norton and artist Tarrah Krajnak, as well as work from 10 other artists represented by the gallery.

The collaboration between Norton and Krajnak produced performance-based works that explored invented characters mined from the history of performance art and popular films.

Norton is a native of Columbus, OH, and attended Bishop Ready High School.