Alumni Add Their Skills to Disney On Ice Production

The cast from Disney's Toy Story 3 On Ice.

Alumni Tyler Mele (CCAD 2010) and Tyler Lancaster (CCAD 2009) recently returned from Florida where they worked on the production of Disney’s Toy Story 3 On Ice.

Wellcan Media’s Shawn O’Brien (CCAD 2007) invited Mele  and Lancaster to join his team for the project, creating the 3D graphics that are displayed during the ice show. Mele and Lancaster also worked on Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show.

Based in Columbus, OH, Wellcan Media has collaborated on a number of projects both locally and throughout the US. The outfit is multi-platform, covering a range of media, including TV, radio, live stage, still photography and more. Prominent clients include BET, Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, and Time Warner Cable.

Mele and Lancaster both live and work in Columbus. Learn more about Mele and Lancaster on their websites.