Alumni Make End-of-Year Top 10 List

The end of 2011 has come and gone, bringing with it the annual publication of top 10 lists. Online media resource, Columbus Underground posted lists that covered everything from restaurants to artists, and it's no surprise that we spotted two of our own Fine Arts alumni.

Adam Brouillette (CCAD 2002) and Boryana Rusenova Ina (CCAD 2006) are local artists who were both on the Best Local Artist list, which, like all other lists, was voted on by readers.

Brouilette is active in several local organizations. In 2009 he opened his own studio, littleINDUSTRIES. He is the executive director of  Wonderland Columbus, a founding member of Couchfire Collective, a past board chair of the Ohio Art League, and helps manage Junctionview Studios.

Ina paints urban landscapes and has shown her work recently at Roy G Biv and Art Access galleries in Columbus. She is an adjunct faculty member at CCAD and also teaches at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center.

To see the full list of top 10 artists, go here.