Alumni Music Trio Perform at Wexner Center, Featured in Columbus Dispatch

Photo from The Columbus Dispatch. From left: Adam Elliott, Beth Murphy and Jared Phillips.

Times New Viking (TNV), whose members are 2004 Fine Arts alumni Beth Murphy, Adam Elliot, and Jared Phillips, were featured in the June 30thColumbus Dispatch for their upcoming performance at the Wexner Center for the Arts. The group hits the stage Friday, July 1 at 9 p.m.

In his piece, Trip to Studio a Mature Step as Noisy Trio Grows Up, Kevin Joy writes, “A listen to the group’s latest album—the low-key and borderline lovely Dancer Equired—proves that the noise-rock band has taken a more melodic direction while maintaining its longtime frills-free ethos.”

“Like always, [TNV] clocked weeks on tour, zigzagging North America in an old Chevrolet Astro van and jetting periodically to Europe,” Joy continues. “The pace makes Columbus an ideal base for the band, whose members live in the weathered North Campus neighborhood dubbed ‘Washington Beach’ by hipsters and music types.”

The Wexner Center is located at 1871 N. High Street in Columbus. Tickets to the show are $15. Additional information about the performance is available here.