Alumnus’s Exhibition Reviewed in Columbus Dispatch

Andrew Ina's exhibition was reviewed in the Columbus Dispatch.

Fine Arts alumnus Andrew Ina’s exhibition was recently reviewed in The Columbus Dispatch for his painting exhibition New Frontier on display at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center through June 25.

"Something's been brewing in my head for a while," Ina (CCAD 2006) explained to Melissa Starker for her Dispatch article, Humanity Figures in Bold Works. "I wanted to add a different perspective to my work but organically, out of the work I've been doing for a few years."

Starker wrote, “Layers of thick, extra-wide strokes of acrylic paint and bumpy patches of gesso rise from birch-plywood bases. Some works are left as unaltered showcases for his painting techniques and bold, novel color combinations. For others, Ina puts his back into distressing, sandpapering and gouging down to the wood with the point of a palette knife.”

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Ina’s works can be viewed in the Main Hall Gallery at 139 West Main Street in Columbus.

Learn more about Ina on his webpage.