Alumnus Contributes to Summer Blockbuster

Alumnus Matt Flynn developed the title for Universal Picture's summer hit, "Despicable Me."

As a board artist for Universal Pictures, Matt Flynn (CCAD '03) developed storyboards to help create and test the script for the summer blockbuster Despicable Me. Flynn's concepts can be seen throughout the movie, as well as in the trailer--specifically the minion cannon scene.

Flynn also contributed to the film in another big way: his idea for the film's title was chosen during a title development contest

“The film changed titles midway through production,” Flynn said. “The producers asked the entire crew to submit titles, and mine was chosen.”

“Because the film had such a small crew, I didn't really feel the impact of how big the film was,” Flynn continued. “When the marketing started to pop up and friends across the country called me when they saw it on TV, only then did I say ‘oh yeah, we are making a movie!’”

He is currently working on the adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax, set to be released in March 2012.

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This post was included in the spring 2011 issue of IMAGE Magazine.