Alumnus Creates Mobile Game Featuring Super Cows

Still from the Herd of Heroes mobile game

Still from the Herd of Heroes mobile game

Illustration alumnus Tyler Parkinson (CCAD 2010) and his brother Chris created a mobile game for Dairy Enterprises, Inc., which markets the Ohio-based Smith Dairy Products company.

The game, Herd of Heroes, features five cows with super powers that try to fight off Dr. Fizz who attempts to replace their milk with soda. It is available through Google Play, Amazon, and Apple.

The brothers grew up in Utica, OH, on a dairy farm, so when the head of marketing for Smith Dairy Products approached them, they had a certain familiarity with the business.

“It’s still kind of surreal sometimes, knowing that our game is out there after working on it for so long,” Tyler said in an article for the Newark Advocate.

To learn more about the game and watch a trailer, click here.