Alumnus, Football Fan Awarded Summer Residency

Alumnus and adjunct faculty Michael Litzau (CCAD 2004) will spend the summer participating in a two-week residency program at Ragdale in Illinois.

Litzau will continue his work on a project that addresses what it is like to be a football fan through quotes and imagery.

"My artwork uses sports as a vehicle to investigate and celebrate issues of fandom, ritual, and fantasy," Litzau said. "Throughout the football season I am enamored with the competition, the will to succeed, [and] the drama, but above all else the overwhelming sense of community that being a fan of football affords.”

At Ragdale, visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists come together to study their craft. Built in 1897, Ragdale is located on the grounds of  architect Howard Van Doren Shaw’s summer home and has provided a sanctuary for artists-in-residence for more than 30 years.