Alumnus has Display at Port Columbus Gateway to the Arts

Works by Ryan Orewiler are on display at Port Columbus International Airport.

by Lillie Templeton

Fine Arts alumnus Ryan Orewiler (CCAD 2004) has paintings on display in the Port Columbus Gateway to The Arts, an exhibit space located on the ticketing level in the hallway behind MoJoe Lounge at the Port Columbus International Airport.

“I’ve always enjoyed the non-traditional, aerial perspective of the runways and terminals from the airports I have visited throughout the world,” Orewiler said in reference to three paintings of aerial views of Port Columbus International Airport among the artwork on display. “I also enjoy the feeling from the initial lift off of leaving a city and touching down to visit or revisit a destination. Two of my grandfathers were in the U.S. Air Force and inspired me to learn more about flight in general. I plan to one day get my pilot’s license.”

Since 2000, Orewiler has painted hundreds of cityscapes that have been collected and commissioned by individuals and corporations throughout the United States. His influence is the urban environment of his home in Columbus and the cities that he has traveled to around the world including Jakarta, Chicago, Paris, Florence, Berlin, Bali, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is a member of, Roy G Biv, Ohio Art League, German Village Art League (Founder and President), AbX Collective, Oil Painters of America and the Landscape Artists International.

Visit Orewiler’s website to learn more about his work.