Alumnus Has Solo Exhibition at Local Meadery

Michael Bonardi's solo exhibition

Some people paint using a paintbrush, but not Fine Arts alumnus and CCAD admissions advisor Michael Bonardi (CCAD 2004), who uses a PVC pipe to create the artwork in his solo exhibition Dissecting the Dynamic Brushstroke at Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus, OH, throughout April.

Bonardi’s exhibition presents a microscopic view of the act of painting and the marks that can be left behind on a canvas.

“I like to explore the potential of each medium and material I work with,” Bonardi says. “This work shows that the brush can limit findings and what the end piece can become.”

Bonardi says he has always tested the boundaries of his work and likes to leave everything open for the viewers’ imagination. He works with a variety of media ranging from glass blowing to ceramics.

“I like to leave my work in black and white and not use color," Bonardi says. "Leaving it without color allows the person to be able to attach their own emotions to the piece without color and the mood deciding it for them.”

Bonardi has a busy season ahead of him. He recently sold work at the CCAD Spring Art Sale and has another exhibition with a reception August 24 at JH Museum.

Dissecting the Dynamic Brushstroke is open through April, with an opening reception April 20, 6–9 p.m.