Alumnus to Launch New Beach Game

Sandbol (Screenshot from official Sandbol Facebook page)

Sandbol (screenshot from the Sandbol Facebook page)

CCAD alumnus Mitch Tennison’s latest design invites beachgoers to “rediscover the beach” with Sandbol— an easy-to-carry game made specifically for playing on sand.

Tennison, an Advertising & Graphic Design alumnus (CCAD 2002), dreamed up the idea in 2008 and left his day job in September 2012 to make his sketches a reality.

With the help of two fellow designers, Tennison built prototypes and tested the game on the West Coast and in the Midwest.

"Unlike other sports that simply adapt their activity to the beach, Sandbol is a portable game that was designed specifically with the sand in mind. In fact, the only place Sandbol can be played is on a beach," reads Sandbol's website.  "Games can range from friendly, spur-of-the-moment challenges to daylong, tournament-style battles of sand skill."

The game's case opens into two pieces that serve as goals when dug into the sand. Points are scored by tossing large foam balls into the goals, while a smaller ball and anchor piece can be thrown in as obstacles or to assist a ball into the goal. The first team to 15 points wins the game.

The game is scheduled to officially launch in summer 2014.

Tennison grew up in Nebraska and attended Millard West High School.