Alumnus Observes Rain for April Exhibition

"San Francisco" is a part of Moran's "April Rains" exhibition

Alumnus Max Moran (CCAD 1978) showcases his rainy day paintings in his exhibition, April Rains,  at 4N Main Gallery in Southampton, New York.

“Navigating glorious sunny landscapes provides artists with ample subject matter, but I’m drawn to the element of rain because it acts like a trigger,” Moran explains on 4 North Main Gallery’s website. “It’s usually avoided, ignored, however in an urban setting there is a certain atmosphere and mood that lends itself to all kinds of interesting possibilities.”

“When it rains I fly out with my sketchbooks and sit at corner coffee shops filling them with observations and notes,” Moran continued. “Rain is a great equalizer in the city, we all need a cab at the same time, we all may feel uncomfortable, however we are all basically waterproof.  As a painter I take the opportunity to watch and sketch people as they do every day things amongst the right angels of Manhattan. Many of these observations can be seen in this exhibition of paintings.”

April Rains opened, Saturday, April 2, at 4N Main Gallery. For more information about Moran, visit his website.