Alumnus, Printing Shop Featured in HOW Magazine

Associate alumnus Jamie Berger and his brother were featured in the May 2011 edition of HOW Magazine.

Associate alumnus Jamie Berger (CCAD 1975-1978) and his brother were recently featured in a HOW Magazine article detailing the rebranding and success of their printing company, Cranky Pressman.

“My younger brother has owned and operated a printing shop in Salem, Ohio for years,” Berger said. “As with many print and graphics companies, the shop has had some ups and downs since the Apple and digital artwork took over the world.”

“In 2000, I convinced him to get rid of all his new printing equipment and focus on letterpress production. I created a brand for the new old shop called Cranky Pressman. The current HOW Magazine has a feature story on us and our cranky old persona.”

The article was featured in the May 2011 edition of HOW Magazine.

To learn more about Cranky Pressman, visit the website.