Alumnus Publishes E-Readers

Alumnus Peter Wachtel's e-readers are available on and

Industrial Design alumnus Peter Wachtel (CCAD 1990) recently published e-readers, Kid Toyology: An understanding of Why Toys Are and how they effect us as we grow and The Wonderous World of Wonders: A Humorous Collection of Unique Learning Rhymes. Books are available on and

“I wrote this book because I was a kid once too,” said Wachtel about Kid Toyology. “It was always a wonder to me why most children seem to be so much more creative and alive than the normal adult. Why do we lose this or put it on hold? I have always had a dream to counteract the results of growing old—at least mentally. Wouldn't it be great to start out old and grow younger as we age?”

Wachtel is an award-winning creative toy and entertainment designer, inventor and teacher. He has designed more than 500 products for the Toy, Entertainment and Design Education industries. Learn more on his website.

Purchase the books on Lulu here.