Alumnus Recognized for Humanitarian Work by High school

Claymont High School (CHS) named Fine Arts alumnus Kurt Fondriest (CCAD 1985) its Distinguished Alumnus for 2011.

“I have worked as an expressive art therapist, advocate, and teacher for people who live with disabilities for nearly 30 years,” Fondriest said. “I started this path of ministry while at CCAD through the Van Go program and the Art Therapy program offered at the time.”

CHS’s Alumnus of the Year Award is granted to a graduate who has demonstrated life-time leadership and abilities in his or her chosen field.

Fondriest is an ordained non-denominational minister and holds a PH.D in Holistic Ministries. He is also a registered expressive art therapist and certified pastoral counselor. For more information about his work, click here.