Alumnus, Wonderland Progress Featured in Columbus Dispatch

Wonderland co-founders, from left, Josh Quinn, Adam Brouillette and Andrew Dodson.; Photo Courtesy of the Columbus Dispatch.

One year ago, alumnus Adam Brouillette (CCAD 2002) and his partners announced the concept of Wonderland, a highly anticipated multi-use space for art, performances and retail based in Columbus’s old Wonder Bread factory. Recently, Columbus Dispatch reporter Amy Saunders caught up with the group to find out what’s ahead for the highly anticipated project.

"It really became much bigger than just a bunch of storage units. It became a cultural zeitgeist," Brouillette, who is Wonderland's executive director, said in the article. "When people ask me, 'I thought you guys were going to be done by now,' I say we had a choice: We could do it fast, or we could do it right. We just chose to do it right."

The 64,000 square foot building is planned to open to tenants and community members during a New Year’s Eve 2011 opening party on which the iconic Wonder Bread sign will be lit. With construction planned to begin in June, the space will house 150 tenants and include artist studios, rehearsal spaces, a performance and event venue, a recording studio and places to eat, drink and shop.

“I think Columbus is like Florence, Italy, in the 1500s: We are essentially beginning a new renaissance," Brouillette said.

Read the entire article at the Columbus Dispatch. For more information about Wonderland, visit the website.