CCAD, this is your gallery. This is your gallery.

Ever-changing and constantly evolving, Beeler recruits emerging independent curators to organize exhibitions, always designed first and foremost for the Columbus College of Art & Design community. As part of a rich history of providing cultural and artistic opportunities to the CCAD community and central Ohio, Beeler’s 6,000-square-foot exhibition space shows work from current students, alumni and faculty; it also brings to campus a span of contemporary and experimental art and design exhibitions whose charge is to challenge the assumptions about who--and what--belongs in a gallery.

How the space was designed

Inspired by commercial art gallery spaces and mimicking the proportions of classical Greek design, Beeler’s multi-gallery space allows the viewer to stand in one spot and see the entirety of the gallery.

The Project Room

Beeler’s smaller exhibition space provides a flexible room ideal for one-person shows and collaborations scheduled in tandem with larger, long-term exhibitions. Thanks to increased turnover and availability, The Project Room creates abundant exhibition opportunities for local artists in the Columbus and Central Ohio region.