Alumnus dives into Fulbright Fellowship

Fine Arts, Colorful, intricate painting of underwater life including coral and algae

During his Fulbright Fellowship, alumnus Craig Voligny creates his work through in-water observation.

Fine Arts alumnus Craig Voligny (CCAD 1996) is currently undertaking a Fulbright Fellowship in Taiwan and is hosted by The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.

Voligny is working on a painting/installation exhibition sourced from the ecological situation of the nearby Kenting Reef. The Kenting Reef is located in the Kenting National Park and is part of the Pacific coral triangle, one of the most bio-diverse and threatened ocean ecosystems in the world.

In this ongoing project, he is drawing parallels between philosophic and ecological informational representations (trophic models, taxonomy charts, GIS maps, acupuncture charts and physical coral-structure) to portray the reef environment’s energy flux as an ecological circuit-board. This project requires in-the-water observation, imagery sourcing from the institutes marine-research specific library and interaction with Taiwanese coral-researchers. The show is slated to open in May 2011.

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