Book, Song, Site: Director of Continuing & Professional Studies Christine Hill


christine hill

In addition to heading up the Continuing & Professional Studies department at CCAD, Christine Hill teaches jewelry and, starting in Fall 2019, a class on community education in the arts. After years working in the custom jewelry design profession, she started her own jewelry studio business. And she recently bought a beautiful horse named Ollie. We asked her to share her favorite book, song, and website.

Book: Ethics For the New Millennium by Dalai Lama

I read this book years ago, and I found that it reordered my thinking about how I operated in the world completely. It gave me an objectivity, peace, and patience I never had before. I recently started rereading it as a balm for the ugliness that we are experiencing as we are subjected to the chaos created by the current president. It’s temporary…

Song: My Life by Iris DeMent

Followed closely by every other song Iris DeMent has ever written. She has a way of peeling back the “veil of separation” that we all experience in this life and has given me comfort at the toughest times. She is a gift to this world!

Websites: and

It’s a tie! I love learning, so both of these have provided hours of learning and entertainment. serves as a place to gain inspiration and regain faith in my fellow human beings. speaks for itself! After years of longing for one, I bought a horse and love every minute of that life. I love riding, training, grooming, cleaning stalls, and coming home dirty, sweaty, and more alive than ever.

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