CCAD Stories: a comics artist grows at CCAD

Illustration,Close up of Shae Beagle's hands, working on ink illustrated design for a comic


This story is part of #ccadstories, a series of profiles that feature a cross-section of Columbus College of Art & Design students spanning ages, majors, and style. Read more about Shae Beagle here and here.


Before they’d inked a deal to publish Moonstruck through industry powerhouse Image Comics, Shae Beagle (Illustration, 2017) was a student with a passion and drive to explore and perfect their work.

Below, Beagle discusses their journey as an artist, from an early class with Laurenn McCubbin, Assistant Professor of the newly created Comics & Narrative Practice major (and now, one of Beagle’s collaborators as editor on Moonstruck), to learning new tools and techniques that they still use today.


Untitled, classroom assignment

Illustration, Page from untitled class assignment comic by Shae Beagle

The one titled with just my name is a comic I made freshman year in my color theory class in 2014 (taught by Laurenn McCubbin!). I was doing comics WAY differently back then, using Illustrator for my lines because I didn't really get Photoshop yet, and coloring with marker (takes forever, do not recommend).



“Your Friend,” Spitball

Illustration, Page from digitally illustrated comic for Spitball by Shae Beagle

This is a page from my Spitball comic in 2015. Now I can use Photoshop, and can do the whole thing digitally, but I'm still a little color shy. Writing by Lora Innes.



“SS1,” Riven Seal

Illustration, black and white comic titled Riven Seal by Shae Beagle

“SS1” is a page from a short guest comic I drew for my friends' webcomic called Riven Seal. (This was in about 2015 as well). Here I'm using my pencils as my final lines, and though I've refined that, I'm still using that style for Moonstruck! Writing and lettering by Julie Wright (Illustration, 2009) and Amanda Gomes.



Entertainment Weekly, Uproxx, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, and The Columbus Dispatch are among the outlets that have been moonstruck by Beagle's comic. Check out press coverage here.