A Cameraman in King Arthur's Court

Shooting on the Cinematic Department's new green screen.

Shooting on the Cinematic Department's new green screen.

By Jake Bova

Let me introduce myself. I'm Jake Bova, a senior here at Columbus College of Art & Design. Now let's see here, I'm a Cinematic Arts student with a minor in Creative Writing. I certainly have high hopes of one day becoming a screenwriter for narrative television or maybe even feature-length films, but for the moment, I'm more than happy making films right here in our fair city.

It'd be a crime to say that film is anything less than a passion to me. It all started as a fun game back in middle school as my friends and I would regularly make YouTube movies. Our fun games quickly grew into something else as I realized that film could be a medium for self expression and storytelling. I found myself falling in love with every aspect of the art, from script to distribution. It intrigued me to no end.

My genre of choice would have to be comedy and adventure. I love making people laugh and feel like they're being taken for a unique ride, especially if it can be done intelligently. It's not that I'm overly opposed to crude humor or drama, it's just that in this day and age, I feel like vulgarity and raunchy comedies a little overused. Dramas on the other hand are a beast in itself. I'm not going to bash dramatic pieces I just believe it's harder to make people cry than it is to make them laugh. I hope to make films that whisk audiences away from their lives and take them on an adventure and if not for a moment let them forget everything and engage with the story. For instance, my favorite film has to be The Empire Strikes Back, so it's obvious that I'm in love with films of the '70s and '80s. I think we can all agree that we lost a little magic from those days, and I strive to bring that back, which makes me even more excited to get back to work this semester in my favorite field.

Oh wow I've introduced the cameraman but I haven't yet introduced you to King Arthur's court. Well, it looks like that will need to be next week's story. Spoiler alert: it involves swords!

Jake Bova is a CCAD senior in cinematic arts who divides his time between the worlds of film and medieval swordplay. See his work on his personal site.