CCAD Alumna Lends Talent to Huntington, Work to be Displayed at Fashion Show

"Welcome" by alumna Kirsten Bowen will be featured at the 2011 Senior Fashion Show event.

Illustration alumna Kirsten Bowen (CCAD 1989) was chosen by Huntington Bank to create a painting to augment Huntington’s Welcome brand positioning, further underscoring the corporation’s commitment to the Columbus community. The painting was also used to create a scarf as part of the bank’s recently launched colleague career apparel line.

Bowen, who is known for creating vibrant murals for local businesses and individual buyers, was an obvious choice for Huntington. A member of the Huntington team liked her work so much at one of the biannual art sales that she was commissioned to complete the project. Leveraging her remarkable artistic gifts, Bowen helped transform Huntington’s new Welcome brand into a work of fine art.

Welcome is currently displayed on the executive floor of the Huntington headquarters building on High Street. Huntington, who is a couture sponsor of the 2011 Senior Fashion Show, will make the painting available for viewing at the VIP Cocktail Hour during the event  Friday, May 13, before returning to the corporate office. The scarf featuring Bowen’s design is available to all bank colleagues.

Learn more about Bowen on her webpage.