CCAD Alumnus Creates Large-Scale Works for High-End Retailers

Bruno Grizzo

CCAD alumnus Bruno Grizzo. Photo courtesy of

Alumnus Bruno Grizzo has worked with some of the world's most design-conscious companies—think Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, and Coach—and he isn't slowing down.

In a recent interview with The Jewelry Icon, Grizzo teased two of his latest collaborations: 12-foot illustrations for#000000;"> Saks Fifth Avenue's New York City jewelry store and a social media project for Tiffany & Co.

#000000;">"The jewelry works so well with the way I draw and incorporate them into the illustrations," Grizzo said in the interview. "There is a fluidity and an awareness between the jewelry and the sketch. I consider the necklace or bracelet or ring a lot before deciding how to make it synchronize with a drawing."

In December 2013, Grizzo's illustrations, anchored by pieces of jewelry, appeared in Town & Country magazine.

The 1996 alumnus began his career as a fashion designer, working for Calvin Klein and Lanvin before starting his own label. Grizzo has also done work for Surface and Town & Country magazines, Halston, Ann Taylor, and Neue Galerie.

Grizzo majored in Fashion Design and attended Belpre High School in Belpre, OH. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY.