CCAD Alumnus Takes Paintings to New Heights

Carl Bork, courtesy of "The Tribune"

Alumnus Carl Bork (CCAD 2003) moved to Colorado four years ago and often hikes up the mountains, sets up his easel, and paints the scenery in front of him. His plein air paintings have earned him a solo exhibition at Tointon Gallery in Greeley, CO, earlier this year.

“I’ve always liked the outdoors a lot, and for me, that meant being in the middle of it,” Bork said in an article in The Tribune, Greeley's daily newspaper.

According to the article, Bork began his habit of painting outside while a student at CCAD. A professor took him out to study the effects of natural light, and the method stuck with Bork.

“At CCAD I learned to follow my heart and paint what moves me most. The school gave me the training to express myself in painting,” Bork said on his website.