CCAD Alumnus, Tangled Director Does It Again

"Tangled Ever After," movie still (Disney Enterprises)

Alumnus Nathan Greno (CCAD 1993-1996) has brought back to life the beloved characters from Disney's box-office hit Tangled in the newly released animated short Tangled Ever After.

Greno co-directed both animated movies with Bryon Howard, the first being released in 2010.

In a recent LA Times article Greno said that "the [first] movie kind of buttons up, but the one thing we didn’t do in the movie was a wedding. There’d be a beautiful wedding of Flynn and Rapunzel, just like the royal wedding. It would be this big, grand event. And Byron and I thought, ‘Well that’s not entertainment. Maybe little girls would like to watch that, but that’s about it'.''

The new animated short features two sidekick characters, Maximus and Pascal, in a comical chase around the kingdom trying to catch Flynn and Rapunzel's runaway wedding rings while the wedding service is being performed.

"We figured out a way to give [the audience] exactly what they wanted, so there is a beautiful grand wedding in the short, but what happens pretty quickly, [is that] those two goofballs Maximus and Pascal lose the wedding rings. It turned into this big, zany, cartoony, fun, action-packed short," Greno said.

Greno and Howard shared with the LA Times that the two side characters were inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. The animators were able to do a lot of slapstick comedy in the short that didn’t make it into the original feature film.

Tangled Ever After is shown before Beauty and the Beast 3D, which was recently released in theatres.

Greno has worked with Walt Disney Animation since 1996 on films such as Mulan, John Henry, Brother Bear, Meet the Robinsons, and Bolt.