CCAD Faculty, Alumni Featured in Exhibition

"Forth Wall" by Danielle Julian Norton

"Forth Wall, Starring Barbara Bloemink" by Danielle Julian Norton

CCAD faculty and alumni will exhibit their work at Wehrle Gallery at Ohio Dominican University, March 17–April 12.

This is: on the subject of art was curated by Fine Arts alumna and Assistant Professor Julie Abijanac (CCAD 1992) and features work from 11 CCAD-affiliated artists including Assistant Professor Shannon Benine; visiting faculty Matthew Flegle; adjunct faculty Nicole Gibbs; Director of Exhibitions Michael Goodson; Fine Arts alumna and Assistant Professor Danielle Julian Norton (CCAD 1999); Assistant Professor Kelly Malec-Kosak; adjunct faculty Andrea Myers; Fine Arts alumna and adjunct faculty Susan Li O’Connor (CCAD 1996); Fine Arts alumnus and Associate Professor Tim Rietenbach (CCAD 1977); Fine Arts alumna and adjunct faculty Mariana Smith (CCAD 2002); and adjunct faculty Melissa Vogley-Woods.

"Janette Knowles, the gallery director, asked if I would be interested in curating a show, and I nervously said sure, but I instantly knew I wanted to put a show together focused on the subject of art," Abijanac said. "My goal was to bring together a strong group of artists who have very strong ideas about their subject matter as well as their approach in visually communicating that information. Along with this, I wanted to have an art historian to align and connect this idea historically, which is done in the foreword for the show."

The foreword was written by Assistant Professor Carla Cesare, who describes the relationship between the artists, their message and medium, and reality.

There is an opening reception March 17, 1–3 p.m.