CCAD was the Perfect Choice

IMG_2688 View of the quad from crane.

By Emma Pennington

For me, CCAD just made sense. I grew up in Columbus and most of my family is here. Being so close to such a great school was pretty convenient. In my later years of high school, I started to take the college search more seriously and amped up my portfolio. I received a generous scholarship that solidified my decision. I also had friends from high school going to CCAD, which made the transition less scary.

My high school was very crowded, so the smaller classes here were very appealing. I will miss the strength inherent in the CCAD community when I graduate.

IMG_1277 Sketching trees on the quad.

One of my favorite lunch spots is on the third floor of Crane, where I can watch the quad. When I look out on the quad, I recall many fond memories. It’s where I met my current friends during our first welcome fest, and where we said goodbye to Denny during the annual Luau. So many meaningful events have taken place in this ever-changing space.

Emma Pennington is a CCAD senior animation major who enjoys watching Netflix, quoting the Simpsons, and sharing sketches on her personal blog.