Chroma 2019: Animation Seniors

francis amisola portrait

Francis Amisola 

Favorite spot on campus: Bench Bench and Kinney Hall at 4am

Favorite spot in Columbus: The Scioto River

Advice to incoming students: Work hard, and worrying doesn't usually help, just have fun making stuff.

kieran czyzyk

Kieran Czyzyk

Favorite spot on campus: Student lounge in DSB

Favorite spot in Columbus: The public library

Advice to incoming students: Just make a little progress, take it one step at a time. 

madie edwards

Madie Edwards

Favorite spot on campus: CFAC

Favorite spot in Columbus: Dirty Franks

Advice to incoming students: Make what you love.

logan heister portrait

Logan Heister

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad

Favorite spot in Columbus: Old North Arcade

Advice to incoming students: Your work is important, but don't forget to take care of yourself. You can't do your best, if you aren't at your best. 

trent lindsey portrait

Trent Lindsey

Favorite spot on campus: Student Lounge, Animation DSB Center

Favorite spot in Columbus: 400 West Rich

Advice to incoming students: Don't be afraid to get involved with the community.

jasean moore portrait

Jasean Moore

Favorite spot on campus: Computer labs

Favorite spot in Columbus: Statehouse

Advice to incoming students: You can do it!

christabel ramos

Christabel Ramos

Favorite spot on campus: Schottenstein Garden

Advice to incoming students: Please get some sleep.

tien van trinh

Tien Van Trinh

Favorite spot on campus: Animation lab

Favorite spot in Columbus: Kung Fu Tea

Advice to incoming students: Respect is often earned and not given.

christopher wason

Christopher Wason

Favorite spot on campus: Crane Cafe

Favorite spot in Columbus: CCAD

Advice to incoming students: All nighters are not worth it.

laci berkheimer

Laci Berkheimer

Favorite spot on campus: Wherever my friends are :')

Favorite spot in Columbus: The Columbus Museum of Art

Advice to incoming students: Please don't procrastinate

halle damico portrait

Halle D'Amico

Favorite spot on campus: The new stop motion lab!

Favorite spot in Columbus: Upper Cup

Advice to incoming students: Make time to make personal work, have fun, and take care of yourself. Your well-being should always come first!

andrew gollogly portrait

Andrew Gillogly

Favorite spot on campus: Cloyd Family Animation Center

Favorite spot in Columbus: The North Market

Advice to incoming students: Work hard on the art you're passionate about, and you will succeed no matter what.

mallorie kriebel

Mallorie Kriebel

Favorite spot on campus: Under the trees on the Quad.

Favorite spot in Columbus: Spoonful Records!

Advice to incoming students: Punctuality is more important than perfection!

Timothy Mines

Favorite spot on campus: Cloyd Labs Student Lounge

Favorite spot in Columbus: Warehouse Cafe

Advice to incoming students: Experiment with Animation, all the time. Don't wait til class. 

danielle multispaugh portrait

Danielle Mutispaugh

Favorite spot on campus: Stop Motion Lab

Favorite spot in Columbus: Anywhere outside of campus that reminds me there's an outside world.

Advice to incoming students: Art nonstop. You came here to make it in art, not play videogames.

elizabeth secoy

Elizabeth Secoy

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad

Favorite spot in Columbus: Short North

Advice to incoming students: Do not put your work off til last minute.

lyn truong

Lyn Truong

Favorite spot on campus: Student lounge

Advice to incoming students: Don't kill yourself! It's fine to take a break from work if you're feeling overwhelmed.

ryan cunningham portrait

Ryan Cunningham

Favorite spot on campus: The animation labs

Favorite spot in Columbus: Gateway Film Center

Advice to incoming students: Draw?

john davis

John Davis

Favorite spot on campus: Anywhere Lewis Cade is

Favorite spot in Columbus: Cane's, yeah that one chicken place.

Advice to incoming students: Get ready to grow 30 years older. 

mason gray

Mason Gray

Favorite spot on campus: The floor in any classroom

Favorite spot in Columbus: Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe

Advice to incoming students: Teachers aren't scary, dude. Seriously, it'll be okay.

catherine lara portrait

Catherine Lara

Favorite spot on campus: The library

Favorite spot in Columbus: Any restaurant

Advice to incoming students: Make sure you got your scholarships, never lose faith.

cameron minter

Cameron Minter

Favorite spot on campus: The cafe

Favorite spot in Columbus: Big Fun toy store

Advice to incoming students: Do what you love.

jessica raisor

Jessika Raisor

Favorite spot on campus: Anywhere in the Animation Center

Favorite spot in Columbus: Swinging chair by the river

Advice to incoming students: Write stuff down in a calendar and then put the calendar where you'll look at it!

Garrett Smith

Favorite spot on campus: My room

Favorite spot in Columbus: My room 

Advice to incoming students: Work hard, don't be a slacker.

sabrina truong

Sabrina Truong

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad on a good day

Favorite spot in Columbus: Any park where I can hammock

Advice to incoming students: Do your work