College Years Inspire Alum's Collages

Adam Elliott

"college ruled!" by alumnus Adam Elliott is on display at the Oak Room through May 31. Screenshot from

Fine Arts alumnus Adam Elliott's collection of collages, college ruled!, is now on display at the Oak Room Gallery.

Elliott, also a drummer for the Columbus band Times New Viking, told Columbus Alive! that this is his first show since graduating from CCAD in 2004 that doesn't involve music or other artists.

“I spent four years creating and absorbing so many fascinating and weird things at CCAD. I met my band mates there and we just started playing music,” Elliott said. “I am revisiting a lot of methods and imagery I was using a while ago with well-traveled eyes now. It’s exciting.”

Elliott builds and deconstructs his paper works on impulse, a stream of visual consciousness that leads to powerful images layered and removed, propped and reconsidered.

“I collect all printed paper. It’s my one weird obsession,” he told Columbus Alive! “I have no idea where my passport is right now, but I do know where a corner scrap from a Hare Krishna pamphlet I got 10 years ago is in a box full of paper.”

college ruled! is on display through May 31 at the Oak Room Gallery in DeepWood, 511 N. High St., Columbus, OH, 43215.

Elliott is from Troy, OH, and attended Troy High School.