The situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus) is emerging, both in Ohio and around the world. We understand you may have questions about what’s happening here at CCAD and are working to answer those questions as soon as possible. The health and safety of our students and the CCAD community is our highest priority. Answers below are not comprehensive and are subject to change. 

Unless otherwise noted, this information is current as of August 6, 2020.


Questions about fees, tuition & adjustments to bills

Will students get any financial relief due to COVID-19?
As an acknowledgement that COVID-19 has created financial hardships for all and that students will not have the campus experience they planned for, CCAD has created a Pandemic Grant with the intention to relieve some of these hardships. Full-time enrolled undergraduate and graduate students will receive a $1,000 grant, prorated for students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours.

Will students still have to pay housing fees?
CCAD will issue credits and overpayment checks for housing fees/deposits for those who opt out of housing. Due to the temporary closure of campus food service, we will credit the costs associated with fall meal plans.

Will students still have to pay parking fees?
Parking passes will be free for everyone the entire academic year.

Will students still have to pay course-specific lab fees?
All course fees and course-specific lab fees are waived for fall semester. 

Why do students have to pay the Technology & Resource Fee and the General Fee?
These fees support technology,administrative resources, and student services that enhance the learning and community experience.

When will students see an updated statement?
Updated billing statements will be available to students on Thursday, Aug. 13. As of that date, students will be able to see all adjustments to their financial aid in Self-Service. If, upon review of this statement and their financial aid information, they wish to reduce any of their loans, we encourage them to contact the Financial Aid Office right away at

When will updates and adjustments be made to a student's bill?
For all students whose files are complete, Financial Aid will fully credit their account on Aug. 17 and they will receive a new billing statement. 

If a student overpays an account, how will they receive their money back?
In order to ensure that students receive any overage funds as quickly as possible, they are asked to be sure to update their banking information in Self-Service to receive funds electronically. E-refunds will start on Aug. 21. Paper checks will be sent beginning Aug. 24. 

What is the deadline for students to finalize payment arrangements?
Wednesday, Aug. 19, is the deadline for students not living in CCAD housing to finalize payment arrangements. Students living in CCAD housing this fall will have to finalize payment arrangements prior to moving in.

If a student wants to withdraw from CCAD, how do they do so?
To initiate a withdrawal from fall semester, students should email If they have questions regarding their bill, they should contact the Bursar's Office at For questions about Financial Aid, email

What is the deadline to withdraw from CCAD without financial penalty?
Students can withdraw by Friday, Aug. 21 by 5 p.m. without any financial penalty. We will issue full refunds for anyone choosing to leave CCAD for the fall semester. 

If a student withdraws now, will their scholarships be available for next year? 
It depends. Merit scholarships will continue. Named scholarships may not continue. Need-based grants will continue, but might change if a student's Expected Family Contribution changes. A student will need to complete a new FAFSA for the academic year in which they return in order to be eligible for need-based grants. Students should contact Financial Aid for details regarding their specific situation.

If a student withdraws, what is the process for their account being credited?
If a student chooses to withdraw from fall semester, all of their courses will be dropped. When this is processed, our system triggers a notification to the Bursar’s Office (student accounts) to initiate a process to credit their accounts and issue refunds if any are applicable. For questions about a specific student account, email 

Where do students' tuition dollars go?
We understand students have questions about their tuition bill. In order to better explain where that money goes and how it helps our nonprofit college deliver a quality educational experience, click here.

Questions about health & safety

What is the status of COVID-19 at CCAD/in Columbus?
There are currently no known active cases among CCAD community members who have been on campus. This information covers the period starting midday Wednesday, Aug. 26, through midday Wednesday, Sept. 9.

CCAD will provide a biweekly update regarding the number of active, positive cases identified on campus. Those updates will be provided on Wednesdays and will cover the two-week time period following the previous notification. The number of cases reported at any time represent individuals in the CCAD community who have:

  • tested positive for COVID-19; and
  • have been on CCAD’s campus; and
  • for whom we are conducting contact tracing.

For information on COVID-19 in Franklin County, visit the Franklin County Department of Public Health information page. For additional information regarding COVID-19 in Ohio, visit the Ohio Department of Health coronavirus information page.

Additional updates regarding CCAD’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found at

What prompted CCAD to move to primarily online or remote learning?
In late July, CCAD witnessed three significant and related developments: the continued increase of COVID-19 cases in Franklin County, where the college is located; the decisions of most local K–12 and an increasing number of higher education institutions to move to remote instruction for the fall; and the Centers for Disease Control and the state of Ohio announced many new—and sometimes onerous, even if understandable—regulations and guidelines for colleges and universities. The confluence of these developments led us to the conclusion that in order to protect the health and wellbeing of our entire community, we needed to move to a primarily remote fall semester.

Do I have to wear a mask if I’m on campus?
Yes. Masks are required for all individuals on CCAD’s campus, except in their personal on-campus residential room. 

Is any COVID-19 testing available on campus?
CCAD does not have testing available on campus. Central Ohio testing locations can be found here

What if I’m sick when I’m on campus?
If you are sick while on campus with flu-like symptoms, you should self-isolate immediately. If you are sick on campus and need assistance, call CCAD Safety & Security at 614.222.6165.

How do I get the latest updates about COVID-19’s impact on CCAD?
Please visit for the newest information. 

Questions about dining & retail

Will CCAD provide food service in the fall?
No, CCAD will not provide food service in the fall at The Market or at Crane Cafe. Those who have a meal plan for fall, whether residential or commuter, will be credited back those charges in the next two weeks. Students should monitor their account on Self-Service. We will work directly with those students remaining in housing on various options for food. 

Will the supply store be open?
No. Freshmen will still receive the Freshman Supply Kit. All students are encouraged to use online retailers to receive art supplies. Some supplies may be provided with specific classes; further information on this will come from program chairs.

Will Ampersand Emporium be open?

Will be running? will be temporarily suspending orders until staff can safely fulfill orders. We will announce when we’re back up and running.

Questions about Residence Life & Housing

Will any students be able to live on campus in the fall?
Continuing students who already have a housing contract will be able to maintain a housing assignment if they need it and must indicate this intention using the housing form referenced below. If they've already assigned to Design Square Apartments, they will stay assigned to that space. Students previously assigned to a Master Lease location will be reassigned, likely to DSA. More details to come next week (the week of Aug. 10, 2020). Those who don’t want to keep their housing may opt out by using the form referenced below. 

CCAD will not invite new, incoming students to reside in on-campus housing for fall 2020. If a student has an urgent question or concern, please contact Residence Life & Housing at

What does a student with a housing contract need to do to notify CCAD of their plans, given the shift in the college’s plans for the fall?
Continuing students with current housing contracts must notify CCAD of their housing plans for fall and are REQUIRED to complete the Online Housing Questionnaire by 11:59 p.m. Monday, Aug. 10, whether they plan to live in or leave CCAD housing. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions on this deadline. 

If Residence Life does not receive a completed form, we will assume that a student does NOT want to maintain their housing contract and we will automatically cancel the contract and assignment. The Business Office will be notified of all students with canceled contracts so that student housing fees and deposits can be credited back to a student’s account. 

If a student chooses to maintain their housing contract for fall, please note that the housing assignment (building/room number) could change in the spring, per the contract and depending on the pandemic status at that time.

Maintained housing contracts are for the entire 2020–2021 academic year. 

If a student chooses to keep their housing contract for fall, will their move-in date and time change?
No. If a student maintains their housing contract, they can assume for now that their previously assigned move-in date and time is unchanged, unless otherwise notified at a later time. Residence Life & Housing continues to review move-in schedules to ensure physical distancing remains in place.   

What if a student has already signed a lease to live off-campus this fall?
We can't change students' rental agreement with a third party, but we have drafted this letter regarding our changes this fall, which they can share with their landlord if they wish. 

If a student chooses to stay on campus in the fall, what should they know?
If a student maintains their housing contract, they should be aware that community events and in-person programming will look different in the fall while social and physical distancing requirements are in place. These opportunities may be limited. Additionally, DSA will have a “no guest” policy for at least fall and CCAD will not provide food service in the fall at The Market or Crane Cafe. 

If a student chooses to remain on campus, are they allowed to have guests?
No, for the health and safety of the CCAD community, DSA will have a “no guests” policy for at least fall semester. 

When will students' housing fees and deposits be returned?
The Business Office will be notified of all students with canceled contracts so that student housing fees and deposits can be credited back to a student’s account. That will happen over the next two weeks. 

What will housing for spring 2021 look like?
If CCAD returns to on-campus instruction in spring 2021 as we currently intend to, Residence Life will make a strong effort to offer housing to those who opt out for fall semester, but housing may not be guaranteed. We will know more about spring closer to that time. 

Questions about course schedules & registration

How can students tell where their classes are?
The location of students' already registered courses listed on their schedules will be adjusted to reflect the change to remote learning. If a student was already scheduled for a fully online course, their course schedule reflects “EL” in the section code. The location for the other courses on schedules will change to “REMOTE”. Students will be notified by the Registrar's Office if one of their classes has been canceled. If a student still has questions or needs further schedule adjustments, they should connect with their academic advisor (undergraduate students) or chair (graduate students). 

Are there exceptions to remote learning?
There will be a small number of exceptions to remote learning that can be viewed in detail here, along with program-by-program summaries of what students' fall curriculum will look like. 

What will happen for spring semester classes?
We are planning for the spring 2021 semester, when we hope to safely return to campus. There are classes and course content that cannot be delivered fully remotely in the fall, and our goal is to have a spring schedule that will provide you with as much access to shops, studios, and equipment as is safely permitted.

How does an art and design education translate to learning remotely?
Artists and designers know better than anyone that creativity isn’t just about your ability to put pencil to paper (or stylus to screen) and reproduce your vision. You can learn more about our approach here

Has CCAD made any changes to remote learning since spring 2020 semester?
We have had several months of planning to accommodate for online classes, and have hired an Instructional Technologist & Designer dedicated to furthering the meaningful integration of technology, teaching, and learning in an art and design setting. You can learn more about how CCAD will take on online learning here

How can students ensure they're still on track toward the completion of their degree?
Our academic advisors are available to help keep undergraduate students on track toward degree completion with academic plan and schedule guidance. The graduate chair will be available to assist graduate students.

What is happening with classes in fall semester?
CCAD is moving to remote instruction for the fall 2020 semester. Some classes will be offered synchronously (that is, with live instruction), and some will be asynchronous (that is, pre-recorded class lectures or materials). More details on any exceptions will be forthcoming. 

Questions about technology, equipment, labs & facilities

Who will have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment this fall?
The majority of students will not have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment this fall. Details on any exceptions to this can be found here

CCAD is still considering remote printing and peripheral needs (scanners), among other things. We will share more details as decisions are made. 

Will the print lab be open?
At this point, we are making a decision on access to CCAD’s print lab, but access will be limited.

How will students be able to get technology support?
CCAD will offer remote support for the library and Helpdesk. In addition to submitting a ticket to, staff will be available for virtual consultations and maintain face-to-face services by appointment. Learn more here.

Questions about campus life

Will there be student employment opportunities in the fall?
There will be a very limited number of student employment opportunities for fall semester for continuing students. For specific details, students should check the job board, or, if they are a returning student employee, speak with their supervisor.

Graduate students who have been brought on as GAs and TAs will continue to work under the terms of their agreement letters relevant to COVID-19.

Incoming undergraduate students will not be eligible for employment options on campus this fall.

Will Packard Library be open?
Packard Library will be open by appointment only, Monday–Friday, noon–4 p.m. Contactless pickup of library materials will also be available on campus and at many OhioLink institutions

Will Beeler Gallery be open?
Beeler Gallery will not be open.

Will student organizations still exist?
Student organizations will exist and are encouraged to continue meeting virtually, however, any virtual events must be approved by Student Engagement & Inclusion prior to advertising and executing the event. In-person events are not permitted. For more information, please email

Will CCAD events like Big Boo still exist?
There are currently no in-person events planned for fall semester. Virtual options are being considered by Student Engagement & Inclusion.  

What is the status of the Counseling & Wellness Center? 
For detailed information about services from the CWC this fall, visit, under Important service changes due to COVID-19.

Please continue to use the CCAD Safety & Security Office (614.222.6165) for emergency support when on campus. Call 911 for immediate assistance or if you’re off campus. 

What is the status of on-campus learning and support services?
Advising: Undergraduate students can schedule phone appointments with their advisor at MyCCAD. Graduate students should contact their chair.

Learning Support: For matters related to disability accommodation, the Learning Support staff can be reached at

Questions for international students

Will continuing international students already in the U.S. be allowed to live on CCAD’s campus in the fall?
Continuing international students who are already in the U.S. and presently have a housing contract with CCAD’s Residence Life office will be able to stay in CCAD housing, if they decide to maintain their housing contract. To learn more about housing, view the Residence Life & Housing section.

Questions about who to contact for various support areas

CCAD’s staff will continue to be available to support students and their needs. Below are a few quick resources of how to connect with different services.