The situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve in Ohio and around the world. We understand you have questions about what’s happening here at CCAD and are working to answer those questions as soon as possible. The health and safety of our students and the CCAD community is our highest priority. Answers below are not comprehensive and are subject to change.

Unless otherwise noted, this information is current as of Jan. 8, 2021.


Questions about fees, tuition & adjustments to bills

What do students need to know about the billing process for spring 2021?
CCAD will begin processing bills for spring 2021 the first week of November. CCAD provides approximately 45 days between when a bill is issued and the payment due date. This is to allow students plenty of time to resolve any issues with financial aid, third-party scholarships, and/or outstanding account balances. The due date for spring 2021 bills is Dec. 18, 2020. Under current circumstances, student account balances may change after the initial bill is issued as a result of modifications to a student’s course registration, housing, and so on. CCAD will be processing changes to student accounts frequently over the next several weeks. If there are changes to a student’s account, a new bill will be generated and the student will receive an email notification that a new statement is available.

Tuition, housing, and meal plan fees will be billed normally. CCAD is waiving all course-specific fees for spring 2021. Parking fees are also waived.

Will there be another Pandemic Grant for students for spring 2021?
Yes, as we did in the fall 2020, CCAD will award a $1,000 Pandemic Grant in spring 2021 for all full-time enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. This grant is intended to relieve some of the financial hardships created by COVID-19. Part-time students will receive a prorated amount.

Will there be any additional financial support for first-year undergraduate students who started in fall 2020?
Yes, in addition to the Pandemic Grant, CCAD is awarding a $1,000 Retention Grant to all first-year undergraduate students who started in fall 2020 and attended the full 2020–2021 academic year when they return for fall 2021 and are enrolled full-time. The grant will be distributed in fall 2021 and is intended to acknowledge the additional hardship of beginning your college career under these extraordinary circumstances. 

Will students still have to pay housing fees?
Students who opt to live in CCAD housing for spring 2021 will pay housing and dining fees based on their selections. Food service will resume in the spring. To learn more, please refer to the Dining & Retail section and the Residence Life & Housing section.  

Will students still have to pay parking fees?
In fall 2020 we announced that parking passes will be free for everyone the entire academic year, through June 2021.

Will students still have to pay course-specific fees?
All course-specific fees are waived for spring semester.

Why do students have to pay the Technology & Resource Fee and the General Fee?
These fees support technology, administrative resources, and student services that enhance the learning and community experience in on-campus and remote environments.

When will students see an updated statement?
Updated billing statements will be available to students beginning Nov. 2, 2020 depending on the status of a student’s registration for spring 2021. Students will be able to see all adjustments to their account balance and financial aid in Self-Service. Updates to student accounts will typically occur on a daily basis, particularly for those who decide to move on to campus for the spring semester. Housing charges will not be added until Nov. 13, and billing statements will be updated within 1–2 days after that occurs. If, upon review of this statement and their financial aid information, students wish to reduce any of their loans, we encourage them to contact the Financial Aid Office immediately at If additional funding is needed to assist with housing costs, email the Financial Aid Office as well.

What is the deadline for students to finalize payment arrangements?
Dec. 18, 2020 is the deadline for all students to finalize spring payment arrangements. Students living in CCAD housing this spring will need to have all payment arrangements in place prior to moving into the residence halls.

If a student wants to withdraw from CCAD, how do they do so?
To initiate a withdrawal from spring semester, students should email If they have questions regarding their bill, they should contact the Bursar's Office (student accounts) at For questions about Financial Aid, email

What is the deadline to withdraw from CCAD without financial penalty?
Students can withdraw by Jan. 18, 2021 prior to attending any classes, without any financial penalty. We will issue full refunds for anyone choosing to leave CCAD for the spring semester by this deadline.

If a student withdraws now, will their scholarships be available for next year?
It depends. Merit scholarships will continue but any named scholarships awarded may not continue. Need-based grants will continue, but might change if a student's Expected Family Contribution changes. A student will need to complete a new FAFSA for the academic year in which they return in order to be eligible for need-based grants. Students should contact Financial Aid for details regarding their specific situation.

If a student withdraws, what is the process for their account being credited?
If a student chooses to withdraw from spring semester, all of their courses will be dropped. When this is processed, our system triggers a notification to the Bursar’s Office to initiate a process to credit their accounts and issue refunds if any are applicable. For questions about a specific student account, email

Where do students' tuition dollars go?
We understand students have questions about their tuition bill. In order to better explain where that money goes and how it helps our nonprofit college deliver a quality educational experience, click here.

Questions about health & safety

What is the status of COVID-19 at CCAD/in Columbus?
Over the period from midday Wednesday, Nov. 11, through midday today, Wednesday, Dec. 2, there were no cases of COVID-19 reported among CCAD community members who have been on campus.

CCAD provides a biweekly (weekly starting in the spring) update regarding the number of active, positive cases identified on campus. Those updates are provided on Wednesdays and cover the two-week time period following the previous notification. The number of cases reported at any time represent individuals in the CCAD community who have:

  • tested positive for COVID-19; and
  • have been on CCAD’s campus; and
  • for whom we are conducting contact tracing.

For information on COVID-19 in Franklin County, visit the Franklin County Department of Public Health information page. For additional information regarding COVID-19 in Ohio, including current state mandates and recommendations, visit the Ohio Department of Health’s coronavirus information page.

Additional updates regarding CCAD’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found at

Are face masks required on campus?
Yes. Face masks are required for all individuals on CCAD’s campus, including those in outdoor spaces. This requirement includes visitors to our campus.

Will CCAD have a COVID-19 testing program in the spring?
Yes, CCAD is partnering with Lucid Labs for our COVID-19 testing program for the spring 2021 semester. Residential students, and any student accessing CCAD facilities for class or lab use will be required to submit to a baseline test in January, prior to the start of the semester and before accessing campus facilities, as well as participate in weekly randomized testing sampling when identified.

Will there be daily health checks in the spring?
Yes, students, faculty, staff, and any visitors are expected to monitor their health through daily, self- administered screening checks. The self-assessment must be completed through our approved vendor Rave Guardian, which will provide notification if you are approved to be on campus or if you should remain at home or in your dorm room until the symptoms pass.

What if a student or employee is sick while on campus?
If you are ill while on campus, you should isolate immediately. Please click here to learn more about what steps to take. If you are sick on campus and need assistance, call CCAD Safety & Security at 614.222.6165. 

Is CCAD canceling spring break?
No. CCAD will have its regularly scheduled Spring Break March 15–19, 2021. All classes scheduled for March 22–26, the week following Spring Break, will be conducted remotely while another mandatory testing cycle is underway.

Will there be quarantine and isolation spaces for residential students if needed?
Yes, multiple spaces have been identified for residential students who are required to quarantine while they await the results of a COVID-19 test. CCAD students who are not living on campus will be provided with guidance on how to quarantine or isolate at their own place of residence.

What will food service look like for residential students in quarantine and isolation? Will dietary restrictions be accommodated?
Residential students in quarantine or isolation will have access to food service. Every effort will be made to accommodate dietary needs.

How do I get the latest updates about COVID-19’s impact on CCAD?
CCAD Together serves as the gateway to information about CCAD’s response to COVID-19 and what the spring 2021 semester will look like. The Public Health page continues to serve as an archive of the college’s time-sensitive announcements about COVID-19

Questions about dining & retail

Will CCAD provide food service in the spring?
Yes, CCAD will provide food service in spring 2021. All residential students are required to carry a meal plan for spring 2021. Learn more here

What health and safety protocols will be in place regarding dining for spring? 
For details about the health and safety precautions being taken in CCAD's dining facilities, please read our Return to Campus Plan

Will Ampersand Emporium be open?  
Yes, CCAD plans to reopen Ampersand Emporium in January 2021.

Will be running?
Yes, is currently processing orders.

Questions about Residence Life & Housing

Which students will be allowed to live on campus in spring 2021?
All upperclass students will be invited to live on campus for spring semester based on a set of priorities.

Students registered for an in-person hybrid course in spring 2021 will be prioritized for on-campus housing should they need it. All residential students are required to carry a meal plan for spring 2021.

Additionally, CCAD will give priority to students who need housing due to extraordinary/family circumstances.

Students currently living in Design Square Apartments for fall 2020 will remain in their assignment for spring 2021. It is possible that students currently living in DSA for fall 2020 could be assigned additional roommates. Students will be notified via email if they are receiving a new roommate(s). 

Any student seeking housing for spring 2021 could be assigned to DSA or Schottenstein Residence Hall based on demand and availability. 

CCAD will not invite current first-year students to reside in on-campus housing for spring 2021, but exceptions are being made for those students who feel like they really need to be on campus to be successful. If a student has an urgent question or concern, they should contact Residence Life & Housing at

If a student chooses to stay on campus in the spring, what should they know?
Community events and in-person programming will look different in the spring while physical distancing requirements are in place. In-person social opportunities will be limited. Additionally, CCAD will maintain a “no guest” policy for spring. All residential students must show their ID to front desk staff at all times. CCAD plans to have food service in the spring. Access to common spaces like lounges and gyms will be limited and/or restricted. Masks are required at all times in spaces outside residential rooms, including hallways, elevators, laundry rooms, and lounges.

What are the deadlines to make selections for spring? What about fall 2021?
Students requesting housing must do so here by Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020 at 5 p.m. EST. Information on the housing selection process for 2021–2022 will be communicated at a later date.

Has CCAD made any changes to the Schottenstein Residence Hall heating and cooling system?
Yes, in order to meet current pandemic recommendations, CCAD engaged Bruner Corp., a local HVAC and mechanical contractor, in fall 2020 to improve the air handling in Schottenstein prior to the hall’s reopening for students in the spring. 

When is spring 2021 move-in?
Move-in will be Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. Students will sign up for a testing time and will then immediately be able to move into DSA after their test is completed to start their mandatory quarantine. More information will be emailed to residential students. 

When is spring 2021 move-out?
Residential students are expected to move-out of their space in DSA or Schottenstein no later than Saturday, May 12, 2021 at 1 p.m. EDT. 


Questions about course schedules & registration

Will the start of the spring semester be different this year?
The spring semester begins as planned on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021. The first week of classes will be conducted remotely for everyone to allow time for testing and quarantining as needed. Hybrid courses will begin their in-person component the second week of classes, starting Monday, Jan. 25.

What is happening with classes in the spring semester?
Classes will continue to be offered in three different forms: hybrid (required in-person component), remote (synchronous, live virtual class meetings), and online (asynchronous, pre-recorded instruction). Students in remote and online classes will not be required to come to campus. They can successfully complete their coursework without the use of campus facilities.

What hybrid classes will be offered in spring?
Below are the 24 hybrid classes (required in-person component) for spring 2021:

  • FASH
    • FASH3402.01: Fashion Comp Tech
    • FASH3502.31/FASH4503.31: Studio Surface Dsn/Advanced Surface
    • FASH3104.01: Knitwear
  • FILM
    • FILM2600.01: Sound Design
    • FILM3301.01: Documentary Video
    • FILM3600.31: Directing the Actor
    • FILM2230.31: Experimental Video
    • CRFT2203.01: Ceramics Intro
    • CRFT2203.02: Ceramics Intro
    • CRFT2206.01: Jewelry Intro
    • CRFT3203.01/CRFT4203.01/CRFT4303.01/CRFT4403.01: Ceramics Intermediate Wk, Ceramics Adv Studio I, II, & III
    • CRFT3206.01/CRFT4206.01/CRFT4306.01/CRFT4406.01: Jewelry Intermediate Wk, Jewelry Adv Studio I, II, & III
    • FINE2209.01: Sculpture Intro
    • FINE3208.01/FINE4208.01/FINE4308.01: Print Interm Wk & Print Adv Studio I & II
    • FINE3209.01/FINE4209.01/FINE4309.01: Sculpture Interm Wk & Sculpture Adv Studio I & II
    • CORE2348.01: Silkscreen Printmaking
    • CORE2348.02: Silkscreen Printmaking 
  • IDUS
    • IDUS3106.01: Furniture Design
    • IDUS3307.01: Honda Res Dev II ST
  • INTE
    • INTE3101.01: Codes and Ethics
    • INTE4301.01: SODA Airstream
  • PHOT
    • PHOT2156.01: Material Studies
    • PHOT2201.01: Studio Lighting I
    • PHOT3201.01: Studio Lighting II

What will campus access look like for spring 2021?
New first-year students will continue with the entirely remote instruction model. Due to the continuing need to de-densify campus as a result of the pandemic, these students will not have campus access.

All upperclass and graduate students will have access to CCAD spaces on a reservation-only, first-come, first-served basis through the web-based program, YouCanBook.Me. Students will be able to reserve blocks of time to use study spaces, computers, shops, and other facilities. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This is so all students who choose to access campus can be accounted for in CCAD's random COVID-19 testing pool. CCAD's Safety & Security team will be monitoring campus to ensure that everyone who is accessing campus has reserved space in advance. For more details about CCAD's campus access plans for spring, click here. Review building hours for spring 2021 here

What access will graduate students have to campus facilities?
In addition to the campus access noted above, graduate students will also have 24/7 studio access to the third floor of Design Studios on Broad.  

How can students tell where their classes will be located?
Classes are listed in Self-Service under three types: 

  1. Hybrid classes (required in-person component) will be listed with the day, time, and location on campus. Faculty will be in touch with students prior to the spring semester to share information about how social distancing measures, such as splitting class time, will be administered for each course. 
  2. Remote classes (synchronous, live virtual class meetings) are listed with location as "REMOTE," with the day and time of instruction. 
  3. Online. Fully online (asynchronous, pre-recorded instruction), have an EL in the section code, and WEB for day and time.

If you have questions, please connect with your Academic Advisor (undergraduate students) or Chair (graduate students).

How can students ensure they're still on track toward the completion of their degree?
Our Academic Advisors are available to help keep undergraduate students on track toward degree completion with academic plan and schedule guidance. To schedule an advising appointment, go to The Graduate Studies Chair will be available to assist graduate students.

What if students want to change courses for spring?
Students can adjust their schedule on Self-Service. It is recommended that students consult with their academic advisor on schedule adjustments. To make an appointment with advisors, students should visit The deadline to add classes or switch course sections for spring 2021 is Monday, Jan. 25, 2021.

Questions about technology, equipment, labs & facilities

Who will have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment this spring?
All upperclass students and graduate students who want it will have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment this spring. Students in remote and online classes will not be required to come to campus. They can successfully complete their coursework without the use of campus facilities.

How will CCAD’s facilities be available?
CCAD spaces will be available on a reservation-only, first-come, first-served basis through the web-based program, YouCanBook.Me. Students will be able to reserve blocks of time to use study spaces, computers, shops, and other facilities. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This is so all students who choose to access campus can be accounted for in CCAD's random COVID-19 testing pool. CCAD's Safety & Security team will be monitoring campus to ensure that everyone who is accessing campus has reserved space in advance. For more details about CCAD's campus access plans for spring, click here. For building hours and links to reserve spaces, click here. Students will be able to begin making reservations for spring access beginning Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021.

What access will graduate students have to their studios?
Graduate students will have 24/7 access to their studios on the third floor of Design Studios on Broad.  

How will students be able to get technology support?
CCAD will offer remote support for the library and Helpdesk. In addition to submitting a ticket to, staff will be available for virtual consultations and maintain face-to-face services by appointment. Learn more here.

Will first-year undergraduate students who live in the central Ohio area be allowed to access campus?
No, due to the need to de-densify campus, first-year students will not have access to campus in the spring.

Will students with an entirely remote schedule still be able to access campus facilities? 
All upperclass students and graduate students who want it will have access to CCAD’s facilities and equipment by appointment this spring regardless of the format of their classes.

Questions about campus life

Will there be student employment opportunities in the spring?
Yes, there will be student employment opportunities for upperclass students and graduate students in the spring. Due to CCAD’s increased access plan, there will be more opportunities than in the fall; however, there will still be fewer than last academic year. More details will be shared later this semester. As always, for specific details, students should check the job board, or, if they are a returning student employee, speak with their supervisor.

Graduate students who have been brought on as GAs and TAs will continue to work under the terms of their agreement letters relevant to COVID-19.

Will Packard Library be open?
Packard Library will be open to students by appointment during the spring semester Monday–Friday,11 a.m.–5 p.m. to pick up materials, browse the collection, and seek assistance, but it will not be open as a study space. Contactless pickup and dropoff of library materials also will be available on campus and at many OhioLink institutions. 

Will Beeler Gallery be open?
Yes, Beeler Gallery is excited to reopen to the public with November. Visitors can view the exhibition by appointment Tuesday, Jan. 19, through Saturday, March 6, 2021. Numerous new health and safety protocols in place in response to COVID-19. Learn more here

What will student organizations look like for spring? 
Student organizations will continue to meet virtually to allow for student participation regardless of their physical location for the spring. All virtual events must be approved by Student Engagement & Inclusion prior to advertising and executing the event. In-person events must be approved by Student Engagement, however, to maintain social distancing requirements, these will not likely be permitted. For more information, please email

Will CCAD events like the Fashion Show and Chroma exist?
Yes, CCAD’s Fashion Show, Chroma, MFA 2021 thesis exhibition and other key events will take place this spring. Plans are currently underway to determine what these events will look like. More details will be announced at a later date.

What will Commencement look like?
Details for spring 2021 Commencement are still being finalized. Planning committees are actively working to ensure graduating students have the best experience possible to celebrate the culmination of their academic experience at CCAD. More information will be shared in the spring. 

What is the status of the Counseling & Wellness Center? 
Due to COVID-19, in-person services will not be scheduled. All CWC services will be telehealth over Zoom or phone. The Urgent Walk-In Hour has been replaced with 30-minute Single Session Therapy appointments offered throughout each day. Unfortunately, due to differences in state laws and therapist licensing, CWC therapists are not able to provide therapy for students who are located outside of Ohio, but can assist with consultation and help finding local support services. Learn more about CWC services for spring 2021 here.

What is the status of on-campus learning and support services?
Advising: Undergraduate students can schedule phone appointments with their advisor at MyCCAD. Graduate students should contact Chair Kelly Malek-Kosak at

Learning Support: For matters related to disability accommodation, the Learning Support staff can be reached at

Questions for international students

Will continuing international students already in the U.S. be allowed to live on CCAD’s campus in the spring?
Continuing international students who are already in the U.S. and presently have a housing contract with CCAD’s Residence Life office will be able to stay in CCAD housing, if they decide to maintain their housing contract. To learn more about housing, view the Residence Life & Housing section.

Questions about who to contact for various support areas

CCAD’s staff will continue to be available to support students and their needs. Below are a few quick resources of how to connect with different services.