Creative Coaching.

By Jake Bova

Nicely tucked away across the hallway from the Student Affairs office in Loann Crane Center lies the Columbus College of Art and Design's most innovative resource, the Creative Coaches. Crewed by the college's finest and brightest students this resource is on the front line of student assistance.

Serving as a quasi tutor half creative consultant the Creative Coaches and I serve to assist everyone from freshmen to seniors in all aspects of the creative process. We also serve as tutors if students ever need help in certain areas or classes. I myself and the leading Cinematic Arts coach but more often than not I find myself helping more students with the nuances of the Adobe Suite and the structuring academic essays.

As a Coach myself I see myself as a young John Keating, or Doctor Perry Cox, teaching my clients through tough love and and career lasting lessons. Well maybe I'm not that harsh, thats just how I was taught and I suppose I emulate that because it worked on me. But the truth is it doesn't work for everyone, people lean in many different ways and it's our jobs at the Creative Coaches offices to cater to all of those demands. Tough job right? Well sometime but it's vastly rewarding helping out my fellow students. There are so many of us here at the college that it's nice to sit down with a complete stranger and over the course of an hour not only help them but get to know them. Because as students the one person we should be able to rely on is each other.

Jake Bova is a CCAD senior in cinematic arts who divides his time between the worlds of film and medieval swordplay. See his work on his personal site.