Visions, Dreams & Nightmares || Work by Noah Syrkin

Monday, March 20–Monday, March 27

Reception: 5–7 p.m., Tuesday, March 21
Location: Byers Gallery

Artist’s statement
“What may this be?” This question unlocks a door unveiling all possibilities within the Rorschach inkblot test. In 1921 Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach sought to marry art and psychology to aid in diagnosing mental disorders, striving to help humanity. I saw the untapped potential of these inkblots and have worked for years to expand and push the boundaries of the Rorschach and discover what kind of artistic medium it truly is. One of these experimental methods is pairing Rorschach tests with chroma-depth eyewear, reaching a meditative synesthetic state. Although after all that I have ventured into and discovered, I still question, “What may this be?”

About the artist
Noah Syrkin is a Columbus College of Art & Design senior pursuing his BFA in Fine Art. Some of Syrkin’s preferred mediums include printmaking, painting, and collage. Currently, Syrkin is on track to graduate in May of 2023. Syrkin lives in Pickerington, Ohio, and commutes between his home studio and his CCAD campus studio. Some inspirations in his work include; aquatic life, vintage science-fiction, horror literature and cinema, and his Jewish and Ukrainian-American heritage. Syrkin uses Hermann Rorschach's lost printmaking method to push the subjective boundaries of art by letting the mind become the storyteller and allowing for new ideas and concepts to flourish beyond the dictation of the artist. Syrkin’s work takes many forms: from large installation pieces to small intricate books, along with a myriad of vibrant and experimental work that lies between the extremes of size. Recently Syrkin experiments with chroma-depth, an ocular technology that lets one perceive color as depth, allowing the viewer to experience the synesthetic sensations of the artist. Syrkin is a National Arts Honor Society member and the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society member.

NoahSyrkin_StudyOfTheObserver’s Oculus

Image title: Study of The Observer’s Oculus (GOLEM Study Series)
Medium: Rorschach Monoprint (Printmaking)
Size: 18 x 24in

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