Welcome Home || Work by Abigail McClure

Tuesday, March 21–Monday, March 27

Reception: 5–7 p.m., Friday, March 24
Location: DSB Gallery

Artist’s statement
Welcome Home is a body of work that resembles a domestic setting where each piece displays a varied nuance, causing the object to have a more profound implication than its intended functional purpose. These nuances add another layer of life to the already existing histories that were cultivated by previous owners and through the residual energy from events occurring behind closed doors. Commentary is being made on matters that are reclusive and often dealt with in the confines of one’s personal space. Items are created using craft materials i.e. ceramic, wood, fiber, and glass, in both traditional and non-traditional ways. 

About the artist
Abigail McClure is a Contemporary Crafts major from Marion, Ohio working predominantly with three-dimensional materials such as ceramics, glass, wood, and fiber. Life and death are strong themes in their work, presented in both metaphorical and literal symbols. Most pieces are functional with elements of design delivering the meaning.

AbigailMcClure_WolfSkullFrame - Abigail McClure.jpg

Image title: Wolf Skull In Frame
Casted, blown, pulled and found glass, and wood.
27 x 32 inches

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