Aaron Petten

CORE Liberal Arts: Art & Design History

Dr. Aaron Petten is a moving image historian whose research spans a variety of phenomena in film, television, and animation. In addition to lecturing at CCAD, Petten lectured in Britain for nearly ten years and spent time as a visiting lecturer at The Ohio State University. His work focuses on the ways in which specific moving image art intersects or echoes other aesthetic movements or trends in history and popular culture. He is currently in the process of completing a book length manuscript on the films and filmmaking of Harmony Korine. He is also working on a variety of article length projects with topics ranging from U.P.A.’s cartoon animation, American avant-garde filmmaking, and European horror film. BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (in Cinema Studies and Popular Culture) from Temple University (1999), MA in Film and Television Studies from the Universiteit van Amsterdam (2000), and PhD in Film Studies from the University of East London (2012).