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***Hello, and thank you for submitting to sell your work in CCAD’s Ampersand Emporium. We are currently on hold for new applicants but hope to begin accepting new applicants soon. Please stay tuned for more details.***

Sell your work at CCAD

I'm applying to sell my work at Ampersand Emporium during:
If your items are selected for sale in the Ampersand Emporium, we would like to tell your story. Please include your bio.
Please lisst the items you would like to submit to Ampersand Emporium for consideration, along with their retail prices. (e.g. "Columbus Landscape Print, $45)
Please describe how your items are made. Be sure to include details about materials or processes.
Please attach up to 5 photos of your work. Files should be gif, jpg or png and under 1 MB each. (If your submitted items are already on your website, we can go there to see them.)
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