Giving Challenge

Color Theory in the Morning. Got no time for beer pong. Your time at CCAD wasn’t easy, and you’re all the better for it. You hustled. Pulled all nighters. Sat through critiques that changed your life. And it paid off. You had help along the way. A friend. A family member. A gift from a stranger. And now it’s time to give back. Take part in CCAD’s Alumni Giving Challenge this October. #ccadgivingchallenge

How to Give:

Donate here 

Or send a check to:

Katie Butt, Alumni Relations
Columbus College of Art & Design
60 Cleveland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215

Questions? Email or call 614.222.3233.

Why to Give:

Momentum: When alumni support CCAD, it helps us to obtain additional support from foundations and corporations. 

Someone Helped You: Alumni gifts help support experiential learning and student scholarships.

Impact: Tuition alone doesn’t cover the full cost of educating the next generation of artists and designers. 

What to Give:

From $10 to $10,000, your gift matters.  

Where to Give:

There are many funds you can help support at CCAD. Choose from one below, or from any number of named scholarships

The General Fund: The General Fund helps us make an extrodinary art and design education accessible for all students.

Hazlerig Endowment: Honor Mark's legacy. This fund supports an outstanding student pursing an education in dimensional studies.

CampUS: A new event to increase wellness and retention, CampUS is an off-campus experience that helps new students build relationships prior to starting at CCAD.